Editor Musekiwa

The Impact of Personalised Health Budgets: an in-depth longitudinal case study with home care adult patients with complex healthcare needs

Supervisors: Dr Catherine Needham, Dr Kerry Allen

Personal health budgets are new to the NHS and involve major cultural and organisational changes for services, professionals and patients. As a concept, personalisation remains vague.  There are a number of arguments in the literature that Personal Health Budget programmes will have a positive impact on health. From the pilot programme carried out, none of the evaluations gave us a long-term perspective on the impacts and implications of introducing personal health budgets in the NHS. Indeed, the evaluations took place alongside the implementation of the pilot, and as a result, several of the evaluation reports included ‘impact’ or ‘follow-up’ data from participants who had either not yet received their budget, or who had only had it for a very short period of time. Furthermore, data presented that included controls, specifically only compared experimental with control groups. The impacts and wider implications of the initiatives were unlikely to have been fully evident. Despite the lack of evidence, key questions that remain unanswered and a number of arguments that need reconciling, Personal Health Budgets are being scaled up. Therefore the study aims to explore whether Personal Health Budgets will deliver better outcomes for patients than conventional healthcare.


Editor is an entrepreneur, co-founder and Director of Zimbabwe Agricultural Initiative (CIC) and comes from a nursing background.

Areas of expertise include community and primary care (continuing care), learning disabilities and public health.  Editor has experience of working with both adults and children. Prior to nursing worked in the banking sector, administration and transport industry.  Apart from studying for a PhD, current work involves amplifying the role of small scale farmers and contributions to ending hunger and poverty in Africa.


  • MSc Healthcare policy and service management with specialism (International Health Care), University of Birmingham
  • PgDip Public Health – University Campus Suffolk
  • BA (hons) – Anglia Ruskin University

Research interests

  • Healthcare Policy
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Citizen Engagement
  • Advocacy
  • Capacity Development

Professional memberships

  • Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Social Research Association


Email: Exm527@bham.ac.uk