Resya Kania

Resya is an Indonesian PhD Student. She began her career as a planner in The National Development and Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) in Indonesia. As a think tank, BAPPENAS central role is to design the macroeconomic and sectoral agenda and to work out the detailed work plans, which could succeed the president’s vision and mission that she/he promised to bring about during the presidential campaign. During her years on BAPPENAS, Resya was working on high-level policy analysis and projects on Financial Services and State Owned Enterprise. From 2012-2016 she focused on research and projects on financial inclusion areas such as national strategy for financial inclusion, financial inclusion for the disable, financial literacy, the market for the poor, and the development of postal saving.

She is the co-founder of an NGO that promotes community engagement on financial education called Pelatihan Perencanaan Keuangan Masyarakat (PPKM). Collaborating with universities, government and private sectors, PPKM try to fill the niche by providing training for trainers on financial literacy for university students and local NGO's and conduct training on financial literacy to women and marginalised communities such as the janitors and ex-leprosy patients. In addition, she works with the team in PPKM to do action research; she uses the evidence from the activities to advocate financial inclusion in the policy process. The involvement bloomed into a desire to pursue an advanced degree on social policy.

Resya's research is driven by her interest in financial inclusion and how finance deepened and influence the whole system in the social development. Her professional background gave her an understanding that public policy should not only about welfare. It is also about social justice and social development. Thus, as a PhD student, her current interest is rooted in having a sound basis of knowledge in financialization, financial inclusion, social policy, and social development.


Professor Karen Rowlingson


BA in Economic Development, University of Padjadjaran, Indonesia

MPA in Economic and Financial Policy, Cornell University, USA 

Research interests

  • Financial inclusion
  • Financial capability and education
  • Policy on inequality
  • Action research
  • Mix method research



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