Liam Spalding

Street-Level Bureaucrats and Policy Implementation: A Study of Personalisation on the Frontline of the English NHS

Supervisors: Professor Martin Powell and Dr Ross Millar

National policy encourages the implementation of personalisation across the English National Health Service. Crucially, there is ambiguity regarding how healthcare professionals should interpret and implement personalisation within frontline practice. Healthcare professionals are also confronted with dilemmas which may influence their ability to implement personalisation. In this context, the study aims to examine the practice of personalisation on the frontline of the English NHS, focusing on the context within which healthcare professionals work and the influence these environmental factors have on the implementation of personalisation policy.


  • MSc Public Policy – University College London
  • BA (Hons) Politics – University of Warwick

Research interests

  • Street-Level Bureaucracy
  • Policy Implementation
  • Personalisation Policy
  • Public Management
  • Healthcare Reform