Kristina Stoewe

Supervisors: Jenny Phillimore (School of Social Policy), Monder Ram (Business School)

Thesis title: Refugee entrepreneurship and integration: A comparative study of entrepreneurial refugees in German and British cities.

For some humanitarian migrants, self-employment can be a viable alternative to participate in the labour market of the host country. The comparative PhD research aims to investigate the socio-economic and cultural integration of entrepreneurial and self-employed refugees. The research is looking at the pathways of entrepreneurial refugees in German and British cities and at the factors that influence their decision processes towards self-employment and entrepreneurship. Following the mixed embeddedness framework of Kloosterman et al. (1999, 2001, 2010), the research takes into consideration the micro-level (individual resources), meso-level (the local opportunity structure) and the macro-level (the institutional framework) in which the entrepreneur is embedded.

The expected outcome of the thesis is to get a better understanding of
a) how entrepreneurial refugees navigate the existing policy, social and business support systems in the host countries, in order to exploit business opportunities,
b) the role of self-employment and entrepreneurship for integration and
c) what type of policies, approaches and concrete measures are suitable for entrepreneurial refugees, in order to support their integration into work and society.


Research interests

Socio-economic integration of refugees; immigrant entrepreneurship and self-employment; international occupational and training research; comparative research; mixed methods

Publications (topic-related)

Stoewe, K. (2018) Education Levels of Refugees – Training and Education in the Main Countries of Origin, IW-Report 37/2017. Available at (accessed 07-04-2018).

Stoewe, K./von Radetzky, M. (2016) Bildungsstand syrischer Flüchtlinge – 5 Vorurteile auf dem Prüfstand, IW-Kurzbericht 20/2016. Available at (accessed 07-04-2018).


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