Julie Whiteman

Intertextual analysis of contemporary music video and social media

Supervisor(s): Dr Shelley Budgeon; Dr Finola Kerrigan

This research aims to examine representations of hegemonic heterosexuality in music video and explore the significance of its intertextual relationships with related social media output i.e. that of the connected musician(s). This research seeks to theorise how audiences may be integrating these readings into their social schema.

Using semiotic analysis, discourse analysis, and, qualitative interviews to explore cultural texts, specifically music videos and social media content, this research aims to discover not only how individuals read these texts, but also, how they integrate them into their schema. It is particularly interested in the significance of the intertextual relationships possible in our digital media landscape and the blurring of stage and personal personas of musicians through their social media profiles.


  • BA (Hons) Communication and Audio Visual Studies with Politics, London Guildhall University

Research interests

  • Gender and sexuality
  • Sexualisation of culture
  • Media theory
  • Cultural studies
  • Social media


Email: Jxw765@student.bham.ac.uk
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/julie-whiteman-31175718
Twitter: @Jetpack75