Evaluation of North Yorkshire Home Choice (2011-2014)

David Mullins is currently leading a Joseph Rowntree Foundation project on a regional choice based lettings scheme in the predominantly rural county of North  Yorkshire.

David is working with Pat Niner in the School of Social Policy, University of Birmingham and Dr Filip Sosenko at Heriot-Watt University to evaluate the impact of the new scheme. The evaluation has a particular focus on collaborative working between local authorities, housing providers and care and support bodies, on impacts on vulnerable groups and homelessness and spatial issues such as the extreme rurality and the opportunity the scheme provides for mobility across all of the partner areas.

Evidence papers

The following Evidence Papers include an introductory explanation of what evidence is included and how it is relevant to the evaluation as a whole and the policy review. Each paper also has either a key point summary or a summative conclusion and, where appropriate, recommendations.

  • Evidence Paper 1: Analysis of CBL Data Analysis of secondary data is one strand of the Home Choice Evaluation. This report has been provided in advance of the main Evaluation report to inform officers working on an internal policy review of Home Choice.
  • Evidence Paper 2: Home Choice customer perspectives: Survey results This report presents findings from structured surveys of Home Choice customers as well as customers re-housed immediately prior to the launch of Home Choice.
  • Evidence Paper 3: Review of customer facing materials This review has been undertaken in response to a request from NY Home Choice made at the first project planning meeting in September 2011. It draws on the evaluation team’s experience in evaluating choice based lettings schemes in other areas to comment on and make recommendations for improvement in relation to the customer-facing materials listed.
  • Evidence Paper 4: Focus groups and depth interviews This report presents findings from two small scale focus groups with a total of 16 individuals (12 applicant households) and 15 depth interviews with Home Choice applicants held between April and July 2012.
  • Evidence Paper 5: Lettings in North Yorkshire before and after Home Choice Analysis of CORE data is an important strand in the evaluation of choice-based lettings in North Yorkshire since this is the only readily available source of ‘before’ and ‘after’ information on lettings. Analysis has been carried out for general needs lettings for the period July 2011 to March 2012 – the first nine months of operation for Home Choice.

The full report is now available on the JRF website

Further information

If you would like any further information concerning this research project, please contact:

David Mullins
Professor Housing Policy
Tel: +44(0)121 414 3348
Email: d.w.mullins@bham.ac.uk