Fifth Tenant Survey for Jephson Housing Association (2011-2012)

Tenant surveys were carried out in 1990 (by NOP, in 1995 and 2000 (by MORI), and in 2005 by MRUK Research. The survey involved face-to-face interviews and aimed to provide information about the characteristics of tenants; to measure tenant satisfaction with their homes, neighbourhoods and the services they received, and after the first survey to demonstrate changes in attitudes over time.

Jephson wishes to carry out a fifth tenant survey to chart changes and to explore some more contemporary issues. The results of the survey will contribute to the Associations' continuing drive towards improving the services provided to tenants.

The School of Social Policy (SSP) will be responsible for planning and implementing the survey and the analysis of the data collected. Interviewing fieldwork will be sub-contracted to MRUK (selected after a competitive tendering process undertaken by SSP. SSP will administer this sub-contract and monitor performance to ensure high quality, reliable findings. The emphasis throughout will be on replicating the approach used in earlier surveys in order to permit valid comparisons over time.

Further information

If you would like any further information concerning this research project, please contact:

David Mullins
Professor of Housing Policy
Tel: +44(0)121 414 3348