Northern Ireland Housing Executive (Dec 2011-Dec 2012)

This project builds on earlier collaboration between David Mullins (TSRC Service Delivery and Housing Lead with Dr Nick Acheson at the University of Ulster (TSRC's Northern Ireland partner), and Dr Jenny Muir at Queens University Belfast (a housing, planning and regeneration expert).

A case study for the TSRC Third Sector Partnerships for Service Delivery project on housing partnerships in Northern Ireland was undertaken in Summer 2011. The case study focused on the two largest publicly funded programmes delivered by third sector organisations in Northern Ireland (Supporting People and new social housing) and attracted the interest of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive who have now funded a fuller follow-up study by David, Nick and Jenny which will be completed in 2012.

The project is extremely timely in exploring the impact of policy changes under devolved government on the shape of the third sector in housing and the changing nature and form of partnerships resulting. As yet there has been little research into the impact of either Supporting People or procurement changes in Northern Ireland, except the baseline study by this project team. The research will provide analysis and recommendations specific to the region, to inform policy and practice, whilst also both making use of and contributing to the UK literature. The project provides the opportunity to deepen our understanding of partnership impact by exploring the perspectives of large and small associations within procurement groups, and different types of support and housing providers within Supporting People partnerships. This will provide a fuller understanding of the policy options and consequences of the Northern Ireland Government's role in relation to third sector housing partnerships.


Download final report 'Third Sector Housing Partnerships in Northern Ireland' (PDF)

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