Dr Liadh Timmins PhD

Dr Liadh Timmins

Department of Social Work and Social Care
Research Fellow

Contact details

Department of Social Work and Social Care
Park House
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Liadh is a Research Fellow investigating older LGBTQ+ people’s experiences of social care assessments. Broadly, they are a social psychologist who researches the psychology of sexual orientation and gender identity. Their work uses large-scale surveys, experimental research designs, novel measure development, and mixed methods.


  • PhD in Psychology, King’s College London
  • MSc in Applied Psychology, Trinity College Dublin
  • BA in Psychology, Maynooth University


Liadh was born and raised in Ireland and moved to the UK to complete their doctoral studies, ultimately receiving their PhD in Psychology from King’s College London. They then worked there as a Research Associate before leaving to complete postdoctoral training in social epidemiology at Columbia University. They returned to the UK for their current position.


Research interests

Liadh’s research on the psychology of sexual orientation and gender identity includes the mental health impacts of minority stressors, forms and functions of intersectional prejudice, and social and cognitive components of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Current projects

LOASCA: Lgbtq+ Older Adult Social Care Assessment study

National Institute of Health Research, School for Social Care Research (£270,000) September 2021 – August 2023, Principal Investigator

This cross-sectional mixed-methods study employs a multiple site case study approach to improve understanding of: A) how social care workers engage with issues of SOGI when assessing older LGBTQ+ people with care and support needs and; B) how these service users experience and receive assessments. The study is informed by an advisory group which includes older LGBTQ+ people who use social care services, service providers, and representatives from professional regulators and support organisations including Safe Ageing No Discrimination, Birmingham LGBT, Opening Doors London and Social Care Institute for Excellence.

With Dr Jason Schaub (Principal Investigator), Dr Paul Willis (University of Bristol), Dr Stephen Hicks (University of Manchester) Professor Ben Thomas (Opening Doors London).

Other activities

Liadh is a member of the editorial boards of two leading journals:


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