How to use the database

The Practice Placement Administration System (PPAS) is a web-based resource that will allow you to provide information about the placements you provide to prospective students. It will also allow you to retrieve information yourself regarding; the placements that you have offered, the identification of students that are to be placed in your area and past student feedback etc.

PPAS Resources

Amongst other things, the database allows you to create a placement profile.

It is best if you ensure that the information on this profile is as detailed and up to date as possible, this allows the student to be fully prepared for the placement when they arrive.

To change any aspect of your profile please e-mail:
Norma Jones - 

We have prepared a brief guide on how to use all the elements of the PPAS database below:

How to use the Database  

Go here to open the database in a new window: Open the Practice Placement Administration System 

Please note: you will need a password to access the database.

Each trust has been allocated their own password, your line manager (or the clinician concerned with the organisation of student placements) should be able to provide you with this password.

If you still have problems accessing the database please contact: 

Norma Jones -