Weichun Lo: MSc Sport Policy, Business and Management

Weichun Lo, a student on the MSc Sport Policy, Business and Management, describes her experiences of the course and of life in the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Birmingham.


I'm Lo Weichun from China and I have been a postgraduate student here in the University of Birmingham taking the course of Policy, Business and Management Master of Science.

With regard to the reasons why I chose Birmingham for a postgraduate study the first is that Birmingham is a good place to be and it’s a liveable city. Also the University of Birmingham is not only a Redbrick University but also in the Russell Group and has a very good reputation in China where I am from. When I searched for the University rankings on the internet I found that the general ranking of the University is very high and also the sports related course at the University of Birmingham rank high among the universities in the UK. So I chose this university.

As far as what is special about my course I would say that this course helps us develop a conceptual understanding about the theories of sport policy and management. But it is also trying to set what we learn in an actual context therefore we can develop our core skills needed and applied in a real world setting.

There is a diverse range of course delivery methods. The lecture is the basic method that will help us get a general understanding about the topic we learn. But there are not many lectures for us to attend since there are also seminars in which everyone should make a contribution to the discussion and express their own ideas no matter in the form of debate or free talk. And in order for us to have an understanding about the practices in the real industry we are organised for site visit and there are also guest lecturers who come to give us a speech about their experiences that’s really helpful for us.

There is a very good postgraduate community here in the University of Birmingham since there are many opportunities for us to meet and communicate with each other. In my School, the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences there are opportunities for students to be invited to attend the conferences of top scholars and the industry professionals so we can engage in the discussions with them.

My favourite thing about being a postgraduate student here is the international atmosphere. I can communicate with different people from different countries and learn about different cultures. As an international student from China, the enormous Chinese stores and restaurants as well as the events held during our traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival making me feel at home.

As for my plan in the future I have considered to work in a national sport organisation when I go back to China. I have consulted the Careers Service in the University. This is really helpful since the service is individualised and by appointment. You can talk to the consultant in the careers centre and one to one and they will help you with patience. There are also helpful resources on the website of the University that will guide you through your persist career preparation such as interview training and CV writing.

I would suggest that if you want to be a postgraduate student in the future it’s better to pay attention to what is going on in the industry and start to consider and explore what you want to do in the future. This will help you prepare yourself when you start your career in the future and there will be plenty of extra-curricular time for you to do this.