Dr Victoria Goodyear PhD, SFHEA

Dr Victoria Goodyear

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
Senior Lecturer in Pedagogy in Sport, Physical Activity and Health

Contact details

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Victoria is a pedagogical researcher in physical education and sport pedagogy. Her research focusses on digital technologies and social media in young people’s health and wellbeing, teacher professional development and curriculum innovation, as well as digital methods and ethics.


  • PhD Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy
  • MA Education
  • PGCE Physical Education
  • BSc Sport and Exercise Science 


Victoria is a previous physical education teacher and school sports coordinator. In 2010 Victoria was awarded an Alexander Trust Bursary to complete a PhD at the University of Bedfordshire. She completed her PhD in 2013 focused on supporting sustainable curriculum renewal through a longitudinal school-based professional learning programme on the Cooperative Learning model. During her doctoral studies Victoria worked as a part time lecturer and then acted as a course leader and lecturer for two years at the University of Bedfordshire. She joined the University of Birmingham in 2015.

Victoria’s research has won national and international awards. She received the Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise Early Career Scholar Award in 2018, was the Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy Reviewer of the Year in 2016, the AIESEP Young Scholar in 2015 and the American Educational Research Association’s Lawrence Locke Scholar in 2014. For her innovative work surrounding social media as a professional learning tool she received the early career research award from the European Educational Research Association in 2013. From 2011-12 Victoria also received four awards from the Association for Physical Education, the Youth Sport Trust and the University of Tskuba.

Victoria has received funding from research councils, trusts and industry. These include, Wellcome Trust, Society for Educational Studies, the British Academy, the Richard Benjamin Trust, the South Korean Global Research Network, and Virgin Active. In 2016 Victoria led the first MOOC in Physical Education with FutureLearn, outstanding Physical Education lessons, and has co-lead the Youth Sport Coaching FutureLearn MOOC in collaboration with the Football Association. She has published a co-authored book focussed on Digital Technologies in Physical Education and her forthcoming book focusses on Young People, Social Media and Health


  • Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy MSc
  • Sport, Physical Education and Coaching Sciences BSc

Postgraduate supervision

  • Will Patz (2nd supervisor) – Curriculum Innovation
  • Nicola Bierne (1st supervisor) – Digital Technologies in Physical Education

Victoria supervises doctoral research in the area of physical education and sport pedagogy focused on:

  • Curriculum innovation
  • Continous Professional Development
  • Digital Technologies 

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PhD opportunities


Research interests:

  • Digital Technologies and Youth Health and Wellbeing
  • Ethics in digital and online research
  • Digital pedagogies and online learning
  • Practitioner professional learning and social media
  • Curriculum Innovation and sustainable change
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of teachers

Research Projects:

  • PI. Goodyear, V.A., Griffiths, M., & Armour, K.M. 2019-2021. My teachers don’t have a clue: Digital Literacy for Teachers. Google
  • Collaborator.  Law, B., Cummings, J., Goodyear, V.A. 2017-2021. What is a picture worth:  exploring children’s modelling use in sport? Social Science and Humanities  Research Council of Canada
  • Co-I: Lee, O., Armour, K.M., Goodyear, V.A., & Griffiths, M. 2016-2018. Physical education teachers’ continuing professional development for facilitating positive youth development-orientated physical education and school sport. South Korean Global Research Network.
  • PI: Goodyear, V.A., & Griffiths, M. 2017-2018. The case of the MOOCs informing digital and online learning across the university. University of Birmingham Educational Enhancement Fund
  • PI: Goodyear, V.A., Armour, K., & Casey, A. 2016-2017 Social media and its impact on adolescent health and wellbeing: A scoping study of the new ethical challenges: Wellcome Trust.
  • PI: Goodyear, V.A., Armour, K., & Casey, A. 2016-2017 “There’s an app for that!” An Exploratory Study into Digital Technologies and Health/Wellbeing Education in Schools: Society for Educational Studies
  • PI: Goodyear, V.A., & Dudley, D.A. 2016-2017 Activating Health: Developing user-informed optimal teaching behaviors and health assessments for Health Optimizing Physical Education: British Academy.
  • Co-PI: Kerner, C. & Goodyear, V.A. 2015-2016. The uses of electronic lifestyle activity monitors with adolescents: implications for motivation, need satisfaction and integration into physical education. Richard Benjamin Memorial Trust
  • Co-I: Ives, H., O’Donovan, T., Goodyear, V.A., Bowler, M., & Sammon, P. 2015-2016. Virgin Active: Active Inspiration

Physical Education and Sport VLOG - https://peandsportvlog.wordpress.com 


Research ID: orcid.org/0000-0001-5045-8157

Other activities

Editorial Board Member:

  • Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy
  • Quest
  • Qualitative Research in Sport,  Exercise and Health


  • Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy
  • Journal of Teaching in Physical Education
  • European Physical Education Review
  • Cultura Ciencia Deporte (CCD)
  • Quest

Member of:

  • International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education 
  • Association for Physical Education
  • British Education Research Association
  • Society for Educational Studies
  • American Educational Research Association 



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Young People's Health and Wellbeing; Digital Technologies (apps, wearable devices), Social Media and Youth physical and mental health; Physical education and youth sport; Youth body image and physical activity; Teacher professional learning (CPD, social media); Digital ethics