Dr Andrew Soundy BSc, PhD

Dr Andrew Soundy

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Contact details

+44 (0)121 414 8385
skype: andy.soundy1
School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Andrew Soundy undertakes research into chronic neurological conditions and severe mental illness. His works looks to combine physical activity with medical sociology and psychology. 

Feedback and office hours

Individual appointments can be made via email and appointments will be grouped together where possible to avoid disruption to research activities.

No appointment (open door policy) is required for personal tutees experiencing any kind of difficulty whilst at University.


  • PhD 2006  Understanding physical activity in individuals with severe and enduring mental illness Exeter University
  • BSc 2002  Exercise and Sports Science degree Exeter University


Dr Andy Soundy undertook his degree and PhD at the University of Exeter between 1999-2005. He developed research around understanding physical activity for severe mental illness. During his PhD he undertook clinical work within a charity for Neurological Rehabilitation. He was appointed as a lecturer in Physiotherapy in 2005 at the University of Birmingham. His post-doctoral research focused on Neurological populations and he continued his research into severe mental illness focusing on Schizophrenia.

Currently Dr Soundy is focusing on individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. This works focuses on mixing medical sociology with psychology and physical activity. 


Leadership roles:

Module Leader for school wide Research Methodology in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation for Masters level students (n≈140/year). This module runs as a blended and distance learning module. Leader for Post Graduate Research Training (n≈30/year).

Other teaching:

Neurological Rehabilitation, Psychosocial Basis of Patient Centred Care, Psychology of Physical Activity, Advancing Clinical Practice and Exercise Rehabilitation. Dissertation students are supervised across all years of study.

Postgraduate supervision

  • Two PhD students focusing on Multiple Sclerosis and Physical Activity.
  • One PhD student focusing on Multiple Sclerosis and Illness Narratives.

Doctoral research

PhD title
Understanding Physical Activity in Individuals with Severe Mental Illness


Research interests

  • Illness Narratives
  • Psychological well-being
  • Neurological Illness
  • Severe Mental Illness

Profiles Online

ORCID ID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-5118-5872
Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.co.uk/citations?user=sg5BSsIAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao
Research gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Andrew_Soundy?ev=hdr_xprf

Other activities

  • Editor for PLOS One Journal
  • Teacher for CLAD at the University of Birmingham


Selected Publications

Miller, P., Soundy, A. (2017). The pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for the management of fatigue related multiple sclerosis. Journal of the Neurological Sciences, 381: 41-54. IF 2.2.

Rose, A., Rosewilliam, S., Soundy, A. (2016). Shared decision making within goal setting in rehabilitation settings: A systematic review. Patient Education and Counseling, 100; 65-75. IF: 2.2

Soundy, A., Roskell, C., Elder, T., Collett, J., Dawes, H. (2016). The psychological processes of adaptation and hope in patients with multiple sclerosis; a thematic synthesis. Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, 4; 22-47. IF: N/A

Soundy, A., Condon, N. (2015). Patient’s experiences of maintaining mental well-being and hope within Motor Neurone Disease: A thematic synthesis. Frontiers in Psychology. IF: 2.3.

Walters, G., Soundy, A., Robertson, A. S., Burge, P. S., Ayres, J. G. (2015). Understanding health beliefs and behaviour in workers with suspected asthma. Respiratory Medicine, 109; 379-388. IF: 3.2

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Soundy, A, Freeman, P., Stubbs, B., Probst, M., Coffee, P., Vancampfort, D. (2014). The transcending benefits of physical activity for individuals with schizophrenia: a systematic review and meta-ethnography. Psychiatry Research, 220, 11-19.  IF: 2.69

Soundy, A., Stubbs, B., Probst, M., Hemmings, L., Vancampfort, D. (2014). Barriers to and facilitators of physical activity among persons with schizophrenia: A survey of physical therapist. Psychiatric Services. 65: 693-696. IF: 1.99

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Soundy, A., Benson , J., Dawes, H., Smith, B., Collette, J., Meaney, A. (2012). Understanding hope in patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Physiotherapy; 98; 349-355. IF: 3.0

Soundy, A, Smith, B, Dawes, H, Pall, H, Gimbrere, K, & Ramsay, J. (2013). Patients expression of hope and illness narratives in three neurological conditions: a meta-ethnography. Health Psychology Review; DOI: 10.1080/17437199.2011.568856. IF: 5.66

Soundy, A., Smith, B., Cressy, F., Webb, L. (2010). The experience of spinal cord injury: using Frank’s narrative types to enhance physiotherapy undergraduate understanding; Physiotherapy; 96; 52-58. IF: 3.0

Faulkner, G., Soundy, A. A., Lloyd, K. (2003). Schizophrenia and weight management: a systematic review of interventions to control weight; Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica; 108; 324-332. IF: 6.79

Selected Book Chapters Published

Soundy, A., Elder, T. (2017). Developing and applying the theory of psychological adaptation needs (TPAN) in patients with multiple sclerosis. In R Watson (ED). Multiple Sclerosis: Food and Lifestyle in Neurological Autoimmune. Academic Press.

Soundy, A., Kingstone, T., & Coffee, P; 2012; Understanding the psychosocial process of physical activity for individuals with severe mental illness: A meta-ethnography. In L LAbate (Ed). Mental illnesses – evaluation, treatments and implications. Intech publishers.

Selected Conference Abstracts

Rose, A., Soundy, A., Rosewilliam, S. (2016). Shared decision making within goal-setting in intermediate care.  The Society for Research in Rehabilitation Summer 2016 meeting.

Baker, A., Pollard, C., Soundy, A. (2014). Doctors’ experiences of Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) decision making: A meta-ethnography. Resuscitation, 85: S81-S82.

Selected Conferences

Lee,  R., Kingstone, T., Roberts, L., Edwards, S., Soundy, A., Shah, P., Haque, M. S., & Singh, S. (2015). A pragmatic randomised control trial of healing therapy in a gastroentology outpatient setting. British Society of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting. Liverpool 20-24 March 2016. 

Singh, G., Soundy, A., Heneghan, N. (2015). Exploring chronic low back pain (CLBP) beliefs and experiences of Punjabi and White British sufferers in a UK population.  Physiotherapy UK 2015.

Salt, E., Wright, C., Kelly, S., Soundy, A. (2015). A randomised controlled trial on the effectiveness of a lateral glide cervical spine mobilisation on cervicobrachial pain. WCPT Congress 2015, 1-4 May, Singapore.

Allen, J., Heneghan, N., Smith, C., Nickson, A., Soundy A; 2014; Identifying swallowing difficulties early in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Presented at the INVOLVE conference (National Institute for Health Research, UK) 26th to 27th of November 2014, Birmingham.

Selected Research Grant Income

Rushton, A., Heneghan, N., Soundy, A., et al. (2017). The patient journey following lumbar spinal fusion surgery (LSFS): a qualitative analysis of the patient rehabilitation experience. Research Physiotherapy Foundation. £47k

Soundy, A. (2016). Mentor for an NIHR PhD proposal application for the West midlands. £1k.

Soundy, A. (2015). Facilitator for an action learning set from the East Midlands NHS graduate internship programme. £1k.

Soundy, A., Dawes, H., Roskell, C. (2015). How people with MS experience interaction with health care professionals; a thematic synthesis. Multiple Sclerosis Society UK. £10.8k.

Gorczynski, P., Rathod, S., Holt, R., Kingdon, D., Soundy, A. (2014). Designing culturally relevant information and support services in the UK to increase physical activity participation amongst individuals with schizophrenia. Early Researcher Development Fund, University of Portsmouth. £22.3k.

Soundy, A. (2013) An innovative community-university neurological stroke and other neurological disorders rehabilitation project. Solihull Independent Hospital Limited. £13.6k

Soundy, A., Stubbs, B. (2013) Transitional Rehabilitation with University Support and Training for Stroke. Awards for All, National Lottery £10.0k

Soundy, A. (2012) Mentor for the Midlands and East Clinical Academic Training Programme.  £8.5k.

Lee, R., Soundy, A., Roberts, L et al. Healing Therapy for Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Big Lottery Fund. 01/04/10-01/04/12. £205k