Professor Leigh Breen PhD, FHEA, FECSS

Professor Leigh Breen

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
Exercise & Health Theme Lead
Professor of Translational Muscle Physiology

Contact details

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Professor Leigh Breen is a leading expert in the field of skeletal muscle physiology and metabolism, with an international standing in this field of research. His research has focused on the regulatory mechanisms of human skeletal muscle remodeling, alongside translational in vitro cell approaches. By combining muscle biochemistry with stable isotope tracer techniques and comprehensive in vivo human physiology profiling, Professor Breen’s group have made important discoveries concerning the role of ageing, disease and inactivity on protein turnover and associated molecular signaling networks that underpin muscle health. Alongside this, research in his laboratory also focuses on the skeletal muscle adaptive response to nutrition and exercise in the context of sports nutrition, general health, and disease.

Feedback and office hours

Professor Breen's office hours are Friday 11:00am-12:00midday on Fridays. Professor Breen is located in the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences.


  • PhD (Exercise Metabolism) – University of Birmingham 2010
  • MSc by Research – Manchester Metropolitan University 2007
  • BSc(hons) Sport and Exercise Sciences - Manchester Metropolitan University 2006


Professor Breen is based in the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Birmingham and works under the auspices of the Medical Research Council/Versus Arthritis Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research and NIHR Biomedical Research Centre for Inflammation. He is Director of the Metabolic and Molecular Physiology Group (MMPG) and the inaugural Chair of the Centre for Movement and Wellbeing (MoveWell).

The overarching goal of Professor Breen’s research is to understand cellular mechanisms of skeletal muscle plasticity and how exercise and nutrition modulate muscle remodelling, function and performance in health and disease. His research is fundamentally translational and utilises innovative biochemistry and physiology experimental techniques, centred around wide-ranging interdisciplinary collaborations to maximize impact and influence. Professor Breen’s work is supported by extensive research funding from UKRI, charitable foundations, healthcare bodies and industry partners. Professor Breen leads the UKRI-funded ‘ATTAIN’ Network, which focuses on transformative healthy ageing research through physical activity in those most affected by health inequalities. He has published over 90 peer-reviewed articles (H-index 34, i10 index 51, >7000 citations) and is a regular invited speaker at national and international conferences. 

Prior to joining UoB, Dr Breen completed his PhD training at UoB in 2010 under the supervision of experts in the field of Exercise Metabolism. In 2011, Dr Breen received a Young Investigator of the Year Award at the European Congress for Sports Sciences for studies of muscle protein metabolism in exercising humans. Subsequently, Dr Breen undertook a post-doctoral fellowship in the internationally distinguished laboratory of Prof Stuart Phillips (McMaster University, Canada) investigating the influence of exercise, nutrition, and inactivity on muscle metabolic health across the lifespan. During this time, Dr Breen developed a keen interest in musculoskeletal ageing, and undertook extensive specialist training in stable isotope tracer methodology and muscle biochemistry techniques to characterise mechanisms of skeletal muscle remodelling.


Professor Breen teaches on the following modules for the BSc Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences:

  • Metabolic Perspectives in Health and Disease (Year 3): Role - Module Lead
  • Sports Nutrition (Year 2): Role - Co-contributor

Postgraduate supervision

Professor Breen is Director of the Metabolic and Molecular Physiology Group (MMPG), comprising 2 Post-Doctoral Research Fellows, 6 PhD students, 2 MSc by Research student and Visiting Interns (rotating basis). 

Professor Breen has successfully supervised 5 PhD students and 11 MSc by Research students to completion and welcomes applications from potential post-graduate students with interests aligned to his research agenda.


Professor Breen’s current research is broadly focused on the following specific projects: 

  • How aspects of chronological and biological ageing influence age-related skeletal muscle deterioration (e.g., from lifelong exercise to obesity).
  • The impact of disuse (e.g., reduced step-count, limb immobilization, bed rest) on skeletal muscle deterioration and the discovery of nutritional and exercise countermeasures.
  • Mechanisms and countermeasures to muscle atrophy in chronic inflammatory disease conditions (e.g., liver disease, cancer, IBD).
  • The muscle adaptive remodelling response to novel, sustainable dietary protein sources.

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Other activities

In 2019 Professor Breen was awarded Fellow status with the European College of Sports Sciences (ECSS). In 2021 Professor Breen was elected to the Scientific Committee of the ECSS. 

Professor Breen acts as a consultant for various nutrition and healthcare industry bodies (e.g., Dairy UK, European Whey Processors Association) and has received research funding from industry stakeholders including Volac LTD and Myprotein.

Professor Breen leads the UKRI-funded ‘ATTAIN’ Network, which focuses on transformative healthy ageing research through physical activity in those most affected by health inequalities. More information on the ATTAIN Network can be found at the following link

Professor Breen holds a Visiting Professorship at the Beijing Sport University, China (2021 – present)


A full list of Professor Breen’s publications can be found on his Google Scholar page


Research Articles:

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