Learning facilities

Our school is based in a custom built £16.4 million facility, the largest Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences facility in the UK. It includes teaching and research laboratories for physiology, biochemistry, psychophysiology, biomechanics, sport psychology, motor skills, immunology, muscle mechanics and the neurophysiology of movement. Alongside this are lecture theatres , seminar rooms and small group tutorial spaces.

Throughout your time in the School you will be taught in these facilities as well as others across the campus. This includes facilities run by University Birmingham Sport and the facilities in the University’s new sports centre.

Learning environment

For learning on campus, most of our teaching rooms are equipped with touch screen digital whiteboards, allowing your lecturers to annotate and highlight presentations in real-time. We are also trialling lecture and presentation capture, giving you access to pre-recorded lectures, either by DVD or online.

See a virtual tour of the School’s main lecture theatre here

Libraries and resource centres

Birmingham students have access to one of the UK’s largest academic libraries containing over two and a half million books and three million manuscripts in our archives. There are also a number of libraries and resource centres covering a variety of subjects offered at the University.

Information technology

The University’s wireless network gives you widespread access to the campus IT system from lecture theatres, libraries, computer clusters and social spaces.

We are committed to e-learning and are at the forefront of developing interactive learning spaces. For example, our institutional virtual learning environment (iVLE) gives you greater flexibility in the way you study, featuring access to a wide range of programme materials including text, graphics, audio and video. The University also has comprehensive wireless coverage on its campus which students can gain free access to.

Lecture Theatre
 Take a virtual tour of a Lecture theatre