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Course NameLevelCourse typeStudy options
Accounting and Finance BScUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
Aerospace Engineering BEngUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
Aerospace Engineering MEngUndergraduateSingle honours4 years
African Studies BAUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
African Studies with Development BAUndergraduateMajor-minor combined, single honours3 years
American and Canadian Studies BAUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
American and Canadian Studies with year abroad BAUndergraduateSingle honours, study abroad year4 years
Ancient and Medieval History BAUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
Ancient History BAUndergraduateSingle honours3 years
Anthropology and African Studies BAUndergraduateJoint honours combined3 years
Anthropology and Classical Literature and Civilisation BAUndergraduateJoint honours combined3 years, 5 years
Anthropology and History BAUndergraduateJoint honours combined3 years