University of Birmingham The Right Environment and Culture for Research

A world- world class intellectual environment for research at Birmingham is one in which there is:

  • Understanding by academic staff of the attributes of world-class research – and ambition and ability to achieve it.
  • Individual and corporate value placed on how our research impacts and influences: in academia; societal global challenges; culture; economy.
  • A strong local research culture- critical mass of individual ambition and inner drive; clusters of excellence; team vision and expectation; interactive, supportive and competitive; bold and adventurous approach to research encouraged. The place to be in one’s research field.
  • Leadership and inspiration- research leaders who create energy and stimulate others
  • Confidence and creativity – engendered by mentoring, training and support
  • Time and freedom for individuals to create, plan and execute research and a sense of being able to manage one’s own agenda
  • Smart collaboration and connection – internal and external, regional and international, and multi-disciplinary where appropriate
  • Growing external interests and reputation; effective communication of our strength; high citation; connecting with partners and delivering impact; international peer- recognition of excellence
  • High levels of funding, diverse funding sources and world class infrastructure
  • Highly professional and effective research support
  • Rewards: incentives and recognition; nurturing of talent
  • Teaching that inspires research and vice versa- a culture that integrates teaching and research