Carbon and energy management

We reached our 2020 target of a 20% reduction in our legal emissions five years ahead of time. The total university carbon footprint for 2014/15 was 52,239 tonnes, which is a 20% reduction from our baseline in 2005/06. 

What is our carbon footprint?

Our legal carbon footprint is made up of a number of strands, not just the gas and oil keeping our networked boilers running, or the electricity powering our buildings but also refrigerants from our scientific work and the fuel we put into the University fleet. To counter this, our research in hydrogen-power and engine efficiencies results in vast carbon savings that counteracts the carbon impact of our operations.

How we make our reductions 

We are improving the fabric and interior of buildings and the equipment they contain. This includes the development of an IT Carbon action plan contributing to significant energy and carbon emissions savings. We are also at the forefront of initiatives that enable all members of the University community to contribute to delivering our ambitions such as our participation in the Green Impact and studentswitchoff schemes. 

There are separate College and Corporate Services plans to help achieve the targets. Numerous projects have been implemented and an emissions update is undertaken annually.

The steam bridge


We are also undertaking practical measures, including capital investment in infrastructure projects. The steam bridge by University station takes waste heat from our energy generating plant to heat the Medical School. It has already started to save us a considerable amount (1500 tonnes) of CO2 per year.  

The project was shortlisted for a Green Gown award in 2012 

Progress so far

We report our carbon emissions every year in line with the international ISO 14064 standard. The update to our existing Carbon Management Plan gives details of the projects we have implemented to help us to achieve our reductions to date. A new Carbon Management Plan is currently being developed. 

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For any enquiries or feedback on energy issues, contact the Carbon team.