Who we are

Sustainability at the University of Birmingham is the responsibility of all students and staff community and is embedded across our Colleges and Professional Services.

The Sustainability Task Group (STG) oversees the development of policies and practices for sustainability and is complemented by College Environmental Committees who formulate their own plans. Academics and Professional Services staff work together and alongside one another to make Birmingham greener.

To be truly sustainable, we hope all of Birmingham’s staff and students will want to participate in various initiatives. From Terry and his Green Machine to our senior leadership team, everyone has a part to play in making Birmingham sustainable.

Sustainability Task Group

Current Membership of the STG
 Sponsor - Director of Estates Trevor Payne
 Professor of Molecular Endocrinology Professor Chris McCabe
 Professor of Transport, Energy and Environment Professor Miles Tight
 Head of Utilities (Chair) Ian Gregory
 Head of Grounds and Gardens Dave O'Driscoll
 Facilities Manager, University of Birmingham Guild of Students Mike Carolan
 Representation and Resources Officer Guild of Students  
 Deputy Head of Core Infrastructure Chris Grant
 Policy and Environmental Services Manager Peter Larkin
 Innovations Manager Matt Beveridge
 Sustainable Travel Co-ordinator and Chair of Communications Subgroup Peter Edwards
 Energy Development Manager Gavin Harper
 Sustainable Logistics Manager Monica Guise
 Procurement Sustainability Champion Paul Markham
 Assistant Director of HR, Workplace Wellbeing Leslie Wright

Terms of reference

  • The Sustainability Task Group (STG) brings together key individuals from across the university and Guild whose roles impact on the sustainability of the university campus. The group aims:

      • To formulate and annually review the university’s sustainability and carbon policies and plans;
      • To review and implement sustainability initiatives and practices to ensure consistency with policy;
      • To recommend changes to sustainability policy and practice wherever appropriate;
      • To consider and promote improvements to the university’s campus operations including (but not limited to) carbon reduction measures;
      • To set and monitor appropriate targets for campus sustainability performance.       

  • The The Group reports to University Executive Board (UEB) at least once per year.
  • The The Group will meet a minimum of once per academic term.