Win:Win network - empowering women in leadership

Win: Win is a bottom-up initiative convened by female academics within the College of Social Sciences. The network aims to complement and supplement University-led programmes such as Advancing Equality in Employment, the Year of Equality and Diversity and the College of Social Sciences Plan for Equality and Diversity.

Norma Jarboe OBE, Director of Women Count


The term 'Win: Win' recognises the mutual benefits – to both women and the university – of supporting women’s advancement and leadership. Win: Win was launched in June 2013 by female academics in the College of Social Sciences, as a network, primarily for academic and academic-related women, to come together, share experiences, develop reciprocal support and facilitate action on issues of gender and inter-sectionality in relation to employment, career development and leadership. Win: Win is an open network and all events and activities are advertised with open invitation across the College.

Since its launch, Win: Win have convened a number of successful and well-attended events, with an average attendance of 40.  Win: Win has attracted considerable interest and positive attention, widening its reach over the past year, involving female academics, academic-related colleagues and doctoral students from across the College of Social Sciences and increasingly, elsewhere in the university. Through our open and welcoming stance, the network now stands at nearly 80 colleagues. The network has also provided good practice for similar initiatives and wider action on equality and diversity emerging in other Colleges.

We anticipate that over the next year, the network will continue to generate momentum as we engage with issues and initiatives which affect and are of interest to colleagues. We have an ambitious programme of events in place for the forthcoming academic year, informed and convened by a diverse cross-section of our membership.

Network event - 25 November 2016

***Shabana Mahmood MP, our key note speaker for this event, has been called away to an urgent meeting and so unfortunately we will need to reschedule our event. We hope this does not cause too much inconvenience. Details on our 2017 schedule will be available soon. We do hope you are able to join us for the next exciting phase of our programme, and look forward to welcoming you to our meetings next year.***


WIN:WIN at the University of Birmingham (26 March 2014)

Speaker: Norma Jarboe OBE, Director of Women Count. Women Count's recent report of the same name analysed women's leadership in higher education, placing the University of Birmingham within the bottom ten of all UK institutions. The session explored the findings of the report and discussed the opportunities and options for progress.

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