IT facilities

A computer clusterIT facilities and resources at the University are provided to meet the computing, network services needs, and other related requirements of all our staff.

We have nine open-access computer suites and a wireless-enabled campus is currently being developed. The wireless service allows on-site staff to access the internet from privately owned laptops.

IT Services mission statement  "Our team remit is to work in partnership with staff across the University in providing outstanding academic and ICT skills development and training. The solutions we provide will be contextualized and supportive of the enquiry-based learning culture where appropriate."

Computer clusters

Computers across campus are standardised as much as possible to allow users to move from location to location and have the same basic applications available to them. Some clusters have free scanning facilities and most afford access to assistive software, which provides screen magnification, screen reading, literacy and mind-mapping software. Most clusters have printing facilities available for every PC. Staff can also request additional software through the IT Service Desk.

Personal computers and laptops are also available for individual members of staff for work use. These are provided by individual departments and are supported by our IT Service Desk. 

IT Service Desk

Our IT Service Desk, is the first point of contact for most IT Service support queries. Problems logged with the Desk are referred to the most appropriate person and tracked. Assistance and IT solutions are provided as quickly as possible to ensure that staff can continue to work effectively.

IT training

We provide training and skills development in the areas of Information Technology and Information and Research Skills. Courses are free and open to all staff and postgraduate taught and doctoral research students at the University. Training is delivered in a variety of formats, such as face-to-face, blended or on-line in order to meet the differing needs of staff and postgraduates.

Computer resources for research

The Birmingham Environment for Academic Research (BEAR) provides IT applications that are specifically available for researchers and academics to help them further their research work. The BEAR environment is a cluster consisting of 1,500 processing cores and approximately 150 terabytes of user disk space with a sophisticated cluster file system.

E-learning support

As a member of staff you will have access to the Institutional Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE). At the heart of the IVLE is WebCT, an integrated set of tools designed to support e-learning activities. Staff are encouraged to use the IVLE to gain access to course notes and other online activities.

IT consultancy and information clinic

For assistance, guidance or help in the area of Information Technology the Training and Skills Development team is available free of charge to support staff and postgraduates within the University. Staff who need help and guidance on dissertation or research work can book an 'Information Clinic' with a member of staff from Information Services.

Digital Services for Staff

Our Digital Services for Staff intranet pages signpost online services and resources tailored to you as a member of staff.

Here you can discover how to:

  • access and answer your emails remotely when away from your desk 
  • access your library account or search library catalogues and contact librarians 
  • access the latest University news and view important documents
  • access digital learning resources
  • access online staff and student administration services