Archaeological visualisation

The VISTA (Visual Spatial and Technology Centre) is one of the best-equipped archaeological visualisation laboratories in Europe. Dominated by the main 4.27m by 1.8m dual channel rear projection screen, the facilities enable:

  • Visualisation3D laser scanning of objects and artifacts 
  • Geographical information science work 
  • Geophysics techniques (enabling non intrusive exploration of both land and marine sites) 
  • Visualisation (broadly divided into 3D models, reconstruction and animations)

The VISTA team work with commercial partners to ensure their facilities and work remain competitive.

Related projects

  • VISTA facilities are being used in a new project to explore the landscape of the World Heritage Site at Stonehenge. The remote sensing work is being carried out in collaboration with the University of Vienna and has given fresh insights into what lies beneath this intriguing location. 
  • Work is also being carried out on the 3D scanning of the extraordinary Eton Myers Collection from Ancient Egypt and making the 3D models available online in a virtual museum.
  • Other projects carried out using this facility include mapping the landscape underneath the North Sea to understand how the earth has changed since the last Ice Age.

The wide range of facilities available within the VISTA Centre have also enabled researchers to work outside the archaeological visualisation field by collaborating on projects with medical and geographical colleagues on campus.


Dr Henry Chapman
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