The Birmingham Academic

The University's Strategic Framework sets out an ambitious vision for Birmingham to become a leading global university. The Birmingham Academic embraces the Strategic Framework values of excellence, distinctiveness, impact, pride, and confidence, defining our expectations for Academic staff.

The purpose of the Birmingham Academic is to foster and maintain an academic culture of intellectual stimulation and high achievement. It recognises that such a culture is built on shared endeavour and a partnership between academic staff and the corporate body of the University.  According to their contractual commitments, academic staff may be required to carry out teaching and research, teaching-focused duties or research-focused duties; the expectations below should be read in that context.

We are committed to carrying out research that is world-leading in terms of its originality and distinctiveness, significance and rigour. We envisage that all academic staff will undertake and produce research of a quality which will meet international standards of excellence and that they will disseminate and transfer the results of that research in modes and forms as appropriate to the discipline.

Teaching is an essential purpose of any university and is a particularly important mission for a research-led university. We expect all our academic staff to undertake a teaching role within the University, thereby passing on their existing and developing research knowledge and understanding to successive generations. Such teaching would normally be delivered at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and include research training and supervision.

Academic citizenship takes many forms and is guided by the principle of conscientious and responsible institutional involvement. We envisage our academic staff helping, nurturing and supporting colleagues in their work; fostering generous, mutually respectful and supportive working relationships with academic, administrative, technical and support staff; and demonstrating personal commitment towards the best interests of the institution. 

An effective and successful world-leading university is a partnership between the institution and its academic staff. Expectations placed on academic staff will be matched by the provision of support to allow individuals to develop their expertise and capabilities and thereby realise their potential, to the mutual benefit of themselves and the University. 

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