Our technical staff play a vital role at the University, delivering the skilled technical support our increasingly complex and interconnected infrastructure requires.

technician-laserAs the focus on research and teaching quality continues to grow, the role of technical staff has never been more important. Technical staff are highly experienced professionals with crucial skills and expertise enabling innovative teaching and pioneering research.

Our Technical staff contribute to enhancing the employability of our students by teaching and developing the technical skills they need to embark on a career.

The demand for highly skilled technical staff is increasing. Diverse and specialist technical skills are needed more than ever. With an ageing workforce there is a need to ensure the future sustainability of our technical community across the UK. In response to these challenges a number of nationwide initiatives have been launched. Notably, these include the HEFCE funded Technical Development and Modernisation project (including representation from Birmingham), and the Science Council's Technician Commitment.  In line with this, the University of Birmingham’s Technical Academy aims to enhance skills and career development for technical staff, recognising their integral and invaluable role in the continued successful delivery of high-quality teaching and research on the global stage.

The creation of a Technical Academy at the University of Birmingham firmly supports the national agenda.