Technical Academy 2 Year Commitment

Technical Academy 2 year Plan

25nd May 2018: EPS Technical Forum 

12th June 2018: Professor Mark Sterling - Technicians Seminar

19th June 2018: Summer BBQ for Technical Staff within Life and Environmental Sciences

27th June 2018: How to... Register for the Science Council Event

July 2018: Technician Tours: Birmingham Energy Centre 

5th September 2018: Technicians' Poster Showcase Event 

20th September 2018: IST Conference 

20th September 2018: Meet the Senior Leadership Team within Life and Environmental Sciences

23rd October 2018: Health and Wellbeing- Professor Deborah Falla  

13th November 2018: 2nd Technical Academy Conference 

19th December 2018: Christmas Party for Technical Staff


11th January 2019: Health and Happiness Workshop

15th February 2019: BUAFTA Awards – Including new “Technical Team of the year”

March 2019: Technicians Tours: The Birmingham Institute of Forest Research

April 2019: Technicians Easter Charity Bake Sale

May 2019: Technicians' Showcase Event 

25th June 2019: HETS 2019 – Higher Education Technicians Summit – University of Birmingham

July 2019: Technician BBQ

August 2019: Launch Spotlight on Campaign

September 2019: Hands on Technician Event

October 2019: Professors Recognition Event

November 2019: 3rd Technical Academy Conference

December 2019: Technician Christmas Party