Dr Paolo Candio PhD

Paolo Candio

Institute of Applied Health Research
Research Fellow

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Paolo’s research interests are in the economics of health promotion, particularly population-level and environmental interventions to promote physical activity in the general population. Paolo is interested in the development of economic methods for evaluation of systems-wide interventions and supporting optimal decision-making in public health.

Paolo has recently joined the new Centre for Economics of Obesity led by NIHR Professor Emma Frew, following a three-year post doc at the University of Oxford.


  • PhD in Health Economics (2019), University of Leeds
  • MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health (2016), University of Bristol
  • BSc in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (2012), Universita’ San Raffaele Roma
  • MSc in Management and Work Consultancy (2006), University of Trieste
  • BSc in Economics (2003), University of Trieste


Paolo was awarded his PhD in Health Economics in 2019 by the University of Leeds. His PhD was funded by a NIHR White Rose Scholarship and focussed on the methodological challenges in conducting economic evaluations of universal programmes to promote healthy behaviours. As part of his PhD studies, he developed a decision-analytic model for economic evaluation and equity impact analysis of physical activity interventions in the adult general population.

Toward the end of his doctoral studies, he joined the Health Economics Research Centre at the University of Oxford where he was responsible for the economic modelling and analysis components of a variety of research projects. He developed three decision-analytic models for evaluation of a portfolio of stroke interventions across 32 European countries.


  • Public health economics
  • Physical activity modelling
  • Equity impact analysis


Recent publications


Candio, P, Violato, M, Luengo-Fernandez, R & Leal, J 2022, 'Cost-effectiveness of home-based stroke rehabilitation across Europe: a modelling study', Health Policy. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.healthpol.2022.01.007

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