Mike Groves

Mike Groves

College Programmes Manager

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Birmingham International Academy
46 Priorsfield
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I have over 20 years experience teaching English Language and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) in places as diverse as Taiwan, Sarajevo and Barcelona. I am currently responsible for the running of the EAP side of the Birmingham International Academy's Foundation Programme. I have written on EAP for academic and non-academic publications, and have presented at conferences in a number of locations.


  • MA Applied Linguistics and ELT (Merits), University of Nottingham
  • BA (Hons) English Language and Literature, University of Central England
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


I first started teaching in Spain in the early 1990s, and since then my career has taken me all over the world. More recently, I was Head of the Centre for English Language Education on the Malaysia Campus of Nottingham University, where I established the Foundation programme in Arts and Education, as well as the Pre-sessional programme.

Other activities

Conference presentations

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  • Groves, M. (2014) “Student responses to the content/skills divide in Malaysia” Inform Conference, 20 July 2014, Reading UK
  • Groves, M. (2014) “An oversimplified picture; The need for caution when interpreting national level language proficiency data” 3RD ILANNS Conference. Shah Alam Malaysia 18-19 Feb 2014
  • Groves, M. (2014) “The Nottingham Malaysia approach to teaching Academic Writing for foundation students” 12 Asia TEFL and 23 MELTA International Conference. Kuching, Malaysia- August 28-30 2014
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  • Groves M. (2015) Google translate; Where is it taking us? 6th Foreign Language and Educational technology Conference. Harvard University August 11-15 2015 (Shortlisted for the Henderson Plenary Award)
  • Mundt, K and Groves, M (2016) ‘A double-edged sword: the merits and the policy implications of Google Translate in higher education’ European journal of higher education (In press). DOI: 10.1080/21568235.2016.1172248


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