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Adrian Bromage

School of Biosciences
Research Fellow

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School of Biosciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Adrian Bromage is currently working as a Research Fellow at The University of Birmingham, on a project to update and develop reusable e-learning objects for statistics teaching.

Adrian is interested in the relationship between ICT and teaching and learning, in particular the extent to which it can decentralise academics and learners (Deschooling).

Adrian is also interested in e-learning, and in particular reusable game-like learning objects and virtual environments. The majority of the latter are basically used for a modern take on role-play, the former are in some ways more intriguing.


Adrian completed a BSC Hons in Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire, and taught 'A' level research methods at local colleges before enrolling for a MSc in Cognitive Science at Birmingham, and subsequently a PhD in education (psychological aspects of technology-led educational change).

Adrian subsequently worked at Coventry University's Centre for Higher Education Development, where he was involved in the ETL project (Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses).

After that, Adrian worked as a researcher for the 'CIPel' Centre for Inter-Professional e-Learning (a HEFI Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning). After that contract, he took up posts at Birmingham as an I.T. trainer, and in 2017, as Research Fellow.


Adrian is currently involved in face-to-face workshops, showing staff and students how to use data analysis software (SPSS, STATA, RStudio, MATLAB, NVivo and Python). He also run occasional workshops on using PowerPoint to design academic posters, and Excel basics).


Research Group: 

TRANSFORM Statistics Project


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