Professor John Heath

Professor John Heath

School of Biosciences
Director of the Centre for Systems Biology

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School of Biosciences
The University of Birmingham
B15 2TT
United Kingdom

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Research Theme within School of Biosciences:Molecular and Cell Biology

Short research description: Organisation and behaviour of chromosomes in plant meiosis

Structure and function of growth factors and their receptors

We are interested how the specificity and dynamics of growth factor signalling is controlled in human cells. This is a central problem in understanding a wide variety of human disease states such as cancer, inflammation, tissue repair and infertility.

Our research relies heavily on advanced techniques for studying and manipulating the formation and dynamic distribution of protein complexes including mass spectroscopy/proteomics, optical imaging, computational modelling and structural biology.

Funding for the research comes from Cancer Research UK and the EC Endotrack programme.


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