Dr Garret Rochford PhD, MSc

Dr Garret Rochford

School of Biosciences
Rsearch Fellow

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Dr Garret Rochford is interested in the molecular basis of chemotherapeutic resistance and how metabolism contributes to tumor suppression and oncogenesis.


BSc (Biomedical Science)

MSc (Clinical Laboratory Science)

PhD (Molecular Biology)


Dr. Garret Rochford graduated from Technological University Dublin (TUD) (formerly Dublin Institute of Technology) with a BSc in Biomedical Science and an MSc in Clinical Laboratory Science. Dr. Rochford briefly worked on a project developing a rapid ELISA test for the early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease in Trinity College Dublin before returning to TUD to pursue a PhD with Prof. Orla Howe on the mechanistic evaluation of novel copper-based chemotherapeutics and therapeutic resistance mechanisms in cisplatin therapy. He subsequently took up a Research Fellow position in the Hodges group at Birmingham examining the role of cytoglobin in chemotherapeutic resistance to cisplatin and is investigating 3D cell culture as a model for toxicological assessment and evaluation of chemotherapeutic action.

Postgraduate supervision

For list of projects offered by the Hodges group go to https://www.findaphd.com/


Garret is interested in the application of targeted transcriptomics and proteomics to determine the mechanistic mode of action of chemotherapeutics and investigate resistance mechanisms in head and neck cancer. Garret is also interested in expanding the use of 3D tumor spheroid models of complex heterogeneous cancers in order to better model the hypoxic and metabolic gradients present in in vivo cancer tissues. Additionally, Garret is interested in investigating the metabolic contribution to oncogenesis, cancer progression and its role in mediating chemotherapeutic resistance.


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