Dr Austin Barber

Centre for Urban and Regional Studies

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Previous experience

Prior to his academic career, Austin worked as a newspaperjournalist for several years in London and Birmingham, covering urbandevelopment, economic and planning affairs from a day to dayperspective.


  • City centre planning and regeneration
  • City living, gentrification and urban economic transformation
  • Planning for sustainable new urban districts
  • Comparative urban development and spatial planning in European and North American cities


Research group: Planning, housing and communities

Current and recent projects

  • Urban Futures: From Sustainable Urban Futures to Implementation. A four-year project for EPSRC under its Sustainable Urban Environments programme. Austin is a principal investigator, for work examining the socio-economic dimensions of planning for sustainable urban regeneration.

  • Accommodating Creative Knowledge: the competitiveness of European Metropolitan Regions in the Enlarged Union (ACRE), European Commission (an international comparative project linking CURS and 13 partner institutions across Europe)
  • Spatial planning for creative industries development and leadership in place-making for the knowledge-based economy, Academy for Sustainable Communities
  • Comparative study of planning for new inner city districts in Lyon, Birmingham and Barcelona
  • The growth of city centre living and its implications for planning in Birmingham


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Weingaertner, C. and Barber. A. (2010 forthcoming).  UrbanRegeneration and Sustainability: The Role for Established SmallBusinesses. European Planning Studies.

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