Dr Rosalind Jones

Dr Rosalind Jones

Department of Marketing
Director of MBA Programmes

Contact details

Room 244, University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Rosalind Jones is a Lecturer in Marketing and Director of MBA Programmes at Birmingham Business School (BBS). She is a ‘Chartered Marketer’ and member of the Senior ‘Levitt Group’ of Marketers, of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Roz was previously Senior Lecturer at Glyndwr University, Wales and Lecturer at University of Bangor. She is Co-Chair of the Academy of Marketing Entrepreneurial & Small Business Marketing Special Interest group and Member of the Steering Committee of the Global Research Symposium (GRSME) affiliated with the American Marketing Academy (AMA). She is Member of the Academy of Management Entrepreneurship and Innovation divisions and, Associate Editor of the Journal of Research in Marketing & Entrepreneurship (JRME) and on the editorial board of Management Decision. She has over 20 peer reviewed publications and has co-edited a research handbook ‘Entrepreneurial Marketing: Global Perspectives’ and also has several invited peer reviewed book chapters on strategic orientation and entrepreneurial marketing. She has won numerous paper awards for her research and also, ‘most downloaded’ paper in the International Small Business Journal and ‘best paper’ award at the Global Innovation Knowledge Academy (GIKA) of which she is a founder member. She has also won ‘best reviewer’ award from Emerald publishers.

Roz’s research interests include: Entrepreneurial Marketing, Innovation and Technologies. Digital Marketing and Marketing in SMEs. Strategic Orientation in smaller firms and, high growth firms. Entrepreneurial networks and the study of firms based in different industries and regional contexts. Excellent PhD applications for studies in these, or closely related areas are welcomed.


  • MBA, University of Leicester
  • PhD Entrepreneurial Marketing, Bangor University
  • PGCertHE (MA), Bangor University
  • MCIM ‘Chartered Marketer’- Member of the Senior ‘Levitt Group’ of Marketers
  • FHEA Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Roz was previously a senior manager in the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). While there  she won three awards for successful delivery of projects and studied part time for an MBA (public sector) at the University of Leicester (2003-2005). She then completed a European Social Funded (ESF) PhD at the University of Bangor (2005-2009) with a software technology company. She won a Ewing/Kauffman Scholarship award in 2008. After obtaining a distinction for her PGCert (MA) in 2010 she was invited onto the Board of Examiners for the PGCertHE qualification in Wales, across subject areas/disciplines.

She is External Examiner for UK and overseas programmes, for example at Ulster University (Masters) and Westminster Business School (Bachelors) and has taught at all levels (UG, PG including executive MBA). Roz works on several UK and international research projects which focus on developing small business research with impact. She has supervised several PhD students on topics such as Marketing Communications and bilingualism (sponsored by ESRC and Welsh Language Board), SME marketing, Entrepreneurial Marketing and Internationalisation and has examined several doctoral theses as both external and, internal examiner.

Roz has designed and validated several degree programmes and, has also taught on a number of modules in Birmingham including Strategic Brand Management, Contemporary Issues in Marketing, Entrepreneurial Marketing and Entrepreneurship (Singapore). She has taught a wide range of entrepreneurship and marketing topics in previous universities and has been Visiting Professor at the University of Jyvaskylia, Finland, also at the School of Economics and Humanities, Poland. 


  • Personal tutor
  • PhD Supervision
  • Postgraduate and undergraduate dissertation supervision
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Market Research


Roz’s research focuses predominantly on SME marketing, marketing of innovations and, the role of networks; innovative marketing, including digital marketing in SMEs, new ventures and internationalisation strategies, and the strategic orientation of SMEs. She has published in leading journals including the Journal of Marketing ManagementInternational Small Business JournalJournal of Small Business and Enterprise DevelopmentThe Services Industries Journal and the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research. She reviews for marketing, business and management journals including Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Business Ethics, Industrial Marketing Management and International Small Business Journal. Roz is reviewer for conferences including Academy of Management and, has been on entrepreneurship and regional development scientific committees and review boards in Australia, Turkey and Finland. She has presented several keynotes to UK and international audiences at industry and regional development conferences, including Firat University, Turkey. She was external evaluator for a large ERSC funded project in 2013.

She has recently presented two keynotes at PhD research and academic development conferences to help develop high quality research and publications at the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Interface (MEI). She has co-organised the GRSME Doctoral Consortium in Babson, San Francisco, in 2017 and this year at Babson, Boston where she also presented several papers for the Entrepreneurial Marketing Special Session at the AMA Summer Conference. 

Research Projects

  • Digital Marketing in SMEs-UK based study
  • Entrepreneurial Recovery Post Quake Disaster
  • Adoption of New Business Growth Models: Finnish entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

Research funding

  • Roz obtained a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) grant for a PhD Studentship in an SME in mid-wales to market innovative medical products to new markets, (2013)
  • She won scholarship funding for PhD student Susan Sisay, (2012)
  • Roz was Lead Supervisor on an ESRC/Welsh Language Board funded MSc/ PhD project, Bangor University (2009)

PhD research students

  • Dr Karen Jones, Bangor University (ESRC/Welsh Language Board)
  • Dr Susan Sisay (Glyndwr University scholarship award)
  • Dr Emily Luong
  • Eric Tian
  • Richard Oddy 


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Books and Book Chapters

Jones, R., Morrish, S., Deacon, J. and Miles, M (2018). ‘Entrepreneurial Marketing in small enterprises, in SAGE Handbook for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Editors: Blackburn, R., De Clercq, D., and Heinonen, J. Sage: London. ISBN: 9781473925236.

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Jones, R and Edwards, R (2013) ‘Developing successful International Management programmes: meeting the requirements of entrepreneurial ventures and their business environments’. ‘The Routledge Companion to International Management Education,’ Editors: Tsang, D, Kazeroony, H, and Ellis,G. Routledge: Oxon. ISBN: 978 0415 783149.

Conference papers (2014 onwards)

Oddy, R., Jones, R. and Forbes, S. (2018) ‘Entrepreneurial Sport Marketing: towards a new analytical framework’, Global Research Symposium in Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Babson College, Boston, August 7th-9th

Alford, P. and Jones, R. (2018) ‘Entrepreneurial Marketing and Progression Towards the Digital Age: Theory and Evidence’ in a Special Session, New evidence from different countries for the Interface between Entrepreneurship and Marketing,’ paper accepted and Special Session Application accepted for the American Marketing Academy (AMA) Summer Conference, Boston, 10th-12th.

Also in the same session 2 other papers with Luong, Kerrigan and Houghton (2018): ‘Reconciling 30 years of diverse approaches to entrepreneurial marketing research using structuration theory: empirical evidence from the independent hospitality industry’, and also with Morrish (2018) ‘Entrepreneurial Recovery: Implications for the Study of Entrepreneurial Marketing.’

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Also: Alford, P., and Jones, R. (2017) ‘Entrepreneurial Marketing and progression towards the Digital Age: Theory and Evidence’.

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