Professor Kimberley Scharf

Professor Kimberley Scharf

The Department of Economics
Professor of Economics
Head of Department

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Department of Economics
University of Birmingham
Room 216, JG Smith Building
B15 2TT

Professor Kimberley Scharf is Head of the Department of Economics at Birmingham Business School.


PhD (Economics), University of Toronto (199): ``Three Essays on Taxation and Incentives,'' supervised by Richard Bird, Albert Breton, and Jack Mintz.

MA (Honors Economics), University of Toronto (1989).

BA (Honors Economics), University of Western Ontario (1988).


Econ210B LI Public Economics


Public Economics

Political Economy

Applied Microeconomic Theory

Other activities

  • Research Associate, Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy, Warwick University (2012-present).
  • Associate, London School of Economics (2013--present).
  • Research Associate, Norwegian Centre for Taxation (NoCenT) (2015--present).
  • Associate, Capacity Building Cluster for Economic Impact of the Third Sector (2009--2013).
  • Research Fellow, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) (2011--present).
  • Research Fellow, Ifo Institute \& Centre for Economic Studies (CESifo) (2004--present).
  • Kimberley Scharf 2 Research Associate, CESifo, Munich (2002--2004).
  • Research Associate, CEPR, London (1999--2011).
  • Research Associate, Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) (1996--2001).


The Economics of Philanthropy (Kimberley Scharf \& Mirco Tonin eds.), MIT Press, forthcoming 2018.

"Donations to Disaster Appeals", (with Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm and Sarah Smith), forthcoming in The Economics of Philanthropy (Kimberley Scharf \& Mirco Tonin eds.), MIT Press, forthcoming 2018.

"Online Fundraising--The Perfect Ask?" (with Abigail Payne and Sarah Smith) in Social Economics: Current and Emerging Avenues (Joan Costa-Font \& Mario Macis eds.), MIT Press 2017. [accessed April 18, 2017].

"Relational Warm Glow and Giving in Social groups,'' (with Sarah Smith), Journal of Public Economics 141, September 2016: 1-10. doi:10.1016/j.jpubeco.2016.06.001

"Charitable Donations and Tax Relief in the UK", (with Sarah Smith) in Charitable Giving and Tax Policy: A Historical and Comparative Perspective (Gabrielle Fack \& Camille Landais eds.), Oxford University Press, September 2016. [accessed April 18, 2017].

"The Price Elasticity of Charitable Giving: Does the Form of Tax Relief Matter?" (with Sarah Smith), International Tax and Public Finance 22, April 2015: 330-352. doi:10.1007/s10797-014-9306-3

"Contextual Variety, Internet-of-things and the Choice of Tailoring Over Platform: Mass Customisation Strategy in Supply Chain Management,'' (with Irene Ng, Ganna Pogrebna and Roger Maull), International Journal of Production Economics 159, January 2015: 76-87. doi:10.1016/j.ijpe.2014.09.007

"Private Provision of Public Goods and Information Diffusion in Social Groups," International Economic Review 55, November 2014: 1019-1042. doi:10.1111/iere.12081

"Impure Pro-social Motivation in Charity Provision: Warm Glow Charities and Implications for Public Funding," Journal of Public Economics 114, June 2014: 50-57. doi:10.1016/j.jpubeco.2013.10.002

"The Definition, Measurement, and Evaluation of Tax Expenditures and Tax Reliefs" (with Nigar Hashimzade, Chris Heady, Gareth Myles, and Lynne Oates), ESRC Tax Administration Research Centre Briefing Report, National Audit Office, June 2014. [accessed April 18, 2017].

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Economic and trade policy

I am a public finance economists with specializations in tax, government spending and the economics of philanthropy.