Professor Kiran Trehan

Professor Kiran Trehan

Department of Management
Director of External Engagement
Professor of Leadership and Enterprise Development

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Kiran Trehan joined Birmingham Business School in March 2012 from Lancaster University Management School where she was Deputy Head of Department and Director of HRD and consulting. She is a leading expert on diversity, enterprise and leadership development. She currently holds the post Professor of Enterprise and leadership Development and is Academic Director for the Centre for women’s enterprise and leadership (CWEL) and Co- Director of The Enterprise and Diversity Alliance (EDA) is a new-generation response to transforming communities and corporations through mutually beneficial enterprise activities. She is Co- Editor of Action Learning: Research & Practice -: The first international journal dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and practice through action learning.


  • PhD University of Lancaster
  • MA in Management Learning, University of Lancaster
  • BA (Hons) Sociology with Professional Studies


Kiran Trehan is Professor of Leadership and Enterprise Development, Director of External Engagement, Head of subject group for Entrepreneurship and local economy, and Co - Director of the Enterprise and diversity Alliance [EDA]

Professor Trehan’s research focuses on Entrepreneurship, leadership and diversity in the small firms sector, all of which are central to the economic and social policy agenda. Kiran Trehan is a key contributor to policy debates and has led a number of enterprise and business support initiatives, extensively published a number of journal articles, policy reports, books and book chapters in the field. Professor Trehan’ s work has been supported by grants from a full range of research funding bodies; including  the Economic and Social Research Councils and Arts Humanities Research councils, government departments, regional and local agencies and the private sector.

Professor Trehan holds several national advisory roles that shape debates and policy in leadership Diversity and Enterprise development Small firms. She is also Vice President at the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship [ISBE] and visiting professor at Lancaster University. Previously she served as Sub Group Chair of the Enterprise mentoring group at the British Bankers association (BBA.) and has held board positions at the Institute of Leadership and Management, Small Firms Enterprise Development (SFEDI), which is the Government recognised UK standards setting body for business support and business enterprise. Prior to joining the University of Birmingham Kiran was Deputy Head of department at Lancaster University Management School.

Professor Trehan is part of the senior management team and leads on Business and external engagement for the Business School and the College of Social Sciences. A passionate advocate for business and public engagement, knowledge exchange has been at the heart of her work and has been highly influential in shaping and changing enterprise and diversity policy nationally and internationally.  Professor Trehan was named as a ‘Woman of Change’ as part of the ‘Making Space’ initiative celebrating women’s leadership at the University of Birmingham, 

Kiran is currently leading a major piece of research on leadership and  diversity as part of Andy Street’s Mayoral Leadership Commission in the West Midlands; and is an Associate at the Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business at the Birmingham Business School.


  • ESRC Outstanding Impact in Business and Enterprise Prize
  • College of Social Science Impact Prize on Society
  • National Diversity Awards - Best in Education for work on diversity and enterprise
  • NatWest Venus Awards - Awarded the Enterprise Development bridging the gap between academic and business.


  • Msc HRM Leadership development
  • MBA
  • PhD 


Kiran's key interests are in the field of enterprise and leadership development and critical action learning. Her research involves the active engagement of policy makers and practitioners on issues relating to diversity, enterprise and leadership development. My work has focused on the dynamics of enterprise and leadership development in  large and small firms. Kiran is a leading contributor to debates on the distinctiveness of critical action learning, and how it can be applied in a variety of organisational and policy domains. Her publications in Management Learning (2003, 2010), Gender & Education, (2001) Studies in Higher Education (2001) and Journal of Action Learning: Research and Practice (2004, 2008, 2009) are testimony both to the growing importance of this mode of research, and her success in advancing action learning in different contexts, ranging from management school classrooms to networks of ethnic minority businesses and policy-making circles. In addition Kiran has a strong track record of attracting funding, mostly for her research in enterprise development in ethnic minority small firm from research councils (ESRC) and regional development agencies, which has led to high quality research outputs. Central to this is a concern with ‘impact’ and collaborative working with user groups.

Selected Research Grants

April 2012-April 2013 Economic Social and Research Council 

Facilitating Impact: Entrepreneurship and Diversity with Professor M Ram  

January 2011-December 2011 Economic Social and Research Council

Facilitating Impact: Entrepreneurship and Diversity:   Joint Applicant with Professor M Ram

April 2007-March 2008 Economic Social and Research Council 

Facilitating Entrepreneurial Regeneration: A Collaborative Approach to African-Caribbean Business

Development, with Professor M Ram

April 2007-March 2008, Economic Social and Research Council 

Facilitating Entrepreneurial Regeneration: A Collaborative Approach to Bangladeshi Business

Development with Professor M Ram

Other activities

  • Co- Editor Action Learning: Research & Practice - The first international journal dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and practice through action learning. To receive contents alerts for every new issue, please visit
  • Visting Research Fellow Lancacaster University Mangement School
  • Visiting Professor, Faculty of Business and Management. Chester University



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A specialist in entrepreneurship, small firms and diversity. Professor Trehan is a key contributor to debates on diversity, and enterprise development in small firms. He is also an expert on SMEs who are  reliant on European trade.