Dr Matteo Barbato

Classics and Ancient History
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

My research mainly deals with Athenian democratic institutions and ideology in the fifth and fourth centuries BC.

Feedback and office hours

  • Tuesday 14:00-15:00
  • Thursday 14:00-15:00


  • BA in Classical Literature (Università degli Studi di Macerata)
  • MA in Classical Philology, Literature and Tradition (Università di Bologna)
  • PhD in Classics (University of Edinburgh) 


I first became acquainted with Classics and Ancient History during my high school studies at the Liceo Classico. I have continued to study the ancient world throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate career in Italy, and undertook a PhD at the University of Edinburgh.

After finishing my PhD, I took up a temporary position as Teaching Fellow in Greek at the University of Edinburgh and I am now happy to join the University of Birmingham as Leverhulme Early Career Fellow. 


I am currently teaching in the following modules:

  • Introduction to Greek and Roman History
  • Ancient Worlds
  • Research and Scholarship in Classics and Ancient History
  • Individuals in History


My research investigates Athenian democracy, public discourse and ideology through an interdisciplinary approach based on the New Institutionalism in political science.

I am currently involved in three projects:

  1. A study of the interplay between Athenian democratic institutions and ideology through the analysis of the social memory of Athens’ mythical past. This was the topic of my PhD thesis, which I am now turning into a book.
  2. A study on political power and ideology in Athenian democracy that tackles the issue of the existence of a political class in democratic Athens.
  3. The publication of an edited volume resulting from a conference on ‘New Approaches to Greek Institutional History’ which I have co-organised in 2017. 


  • M. Barbato (in press), ‘Review of Bourke, G. (2018), Elis. Internal Politics and External Policy in Ancient Greece, London and New York’, in Classical Review 68.2 (forthcoming 2018)
  • M. Barbato (2017), ‘Using the past to shape the future: ancestors, institutions and ideology in Aeschin. 2.74-8’, in E. Franchi and G. Proietti (eds), Conflict in communities. Forward-looking memories in Classical Athens, Trento, 213-53

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