Mrs Jane Crouch

Mrs Jane Crouch

Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
Trial Co-ordinator (Imaging Study)

Contact details

Children's Brain Tumour Research Team
3rd Floor, Institute of Child Health
Birmingham Children's Hospital
Whittall Street
B4 6DH

Jane Crouch is the Trial Co-ordinator (Imaging Study) and manages Professor Andrew Peet’s portfolio of imaging studies.  She is the main point of contact and ensures the study protocols are conducted in accordance with the applicable ethical, regulatory and quality standards.

She supports Professor Andrew Peet’s Children's Brain Tumour Research Team who comprise of a large team locally plus 10 centres nationally who participate in the studies.  


BA (Hons)


Jane Crouch has 10 years’ experience working in research.  She became involved in Professor Andrew Peet’s imaging studies from an early stage in the capacity as Data Manager collecting Birmingham Children’s Hospital data on various trials.  As Professor Peet’s studies became more advanced and the findings of significant value, Jane progressed to take on the role of the Trial Co-ordinator (Imaging Studies). As the studies continue to grow and evolve, Jane gives guidance, prepares and sets- up new sites, prepares reports/amendments submitted to ethics. 


Support Professor Andrew Peet’s Children's Brain Tumour Research Team.


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