Dr Caroline Kristunas BSc, MSci, PhD

Dr Caroline Kristunas

School of Dentistry
Biomedical Statistician

Caroline Kristunas is a Biomedical Statistician in the School of Dentistry and a member of the Biostatistics, Evidence Synthesis and Test Evaluation (BESaTE) research group in the Institute of Applied Health Research. Caroline’s main research interests are in cluster randomised trials, particularly those of a stepped-wedge or multiple-period crossover design.


PhD in Health Sciences, University of Leicester, 2020

MSci in Medical Statistics, University of Leicester, 2015

BSc in Mathematics, University of Birmingham, 2014


Caroline was awarded an NIHR Research Methods Fellowship in 2014, during which she completed an MSci in Medical Statistics at the University of Leicester. She was awarded a Distinction and the Royal Statistical Society’s Prize for Overall High Marks. Caroline spent the remaining time on the fellowship as a Research Assistant at the Leicester Diabetes Centre, conducting methodological work in the area of stepped-wedge cluster randomised trials and acting as trial statistician for several cluster randomised trials of education intervention for type 2 diabetes.

In 2016, Caroline was awarded an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship to appraise the use of feasibility studies to inform stepped-wedge cluster randomised trials and identify the issues affecting the feasibility of these studies. Under the fellowship, Caroline was registered as a full-time PhD student at the University of Leicester and, alongside the fellowship, Caroline also worked with the Diabetes Research Centre as a statistician on the Embedding cluster randomised trial. Caroline was awarded her PhD in December 2020.

Caroline moved to the University of Birmingham in 2020, where she lends her statistical expertise to various exciting projects within the School of Dentistry and collaborates with colleagues in the Institute of Applied Health Research. Caroline continues to explore her methodological interests in the area of cluster randomised trials.


Recent publications


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Review article

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