Dr Sandy Gould

Dr Sandy Gould

School of Computer Science
Lecturer in Human Computer Interaction

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School of Computer Science
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Sandy Gould is a Lecturer in HCI at the School of Computer ScienceUniversity of Birmingham. He was previously an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow at the UCL Interaction Centre, where he retains an honorary lectureship.

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My current interests fall into three related themes:

  • Micro-interactions like typing or tapping are the building blocks of digital work. As digital devices become more common and their interfaces more heterogeneous it is important that our understanding of these micro-interactions keeps up. My research investigates how these micro-interactions can be improved to better fit people’s objectives and abilities.
  • Work is increasingly completed on devices such as smartphones that are always on, always connected and always generating notifications. I try to understand why interruptions in some situations are more disruptive than in others. I am working on ways to amplify the positive properties of interruptions – such as timely delivery of important information – while minimizing the chance of overloading people with interruptions.
  • The larger strategic behaviours that we call ‘work’ are directly influenced by micro-interactions. Prevailing working conditions emphasise different patterns of micro-interactions. It is necessary to understand the reciprocal effects of these macro- and micro-level interactions to understand the nature of modern digital work.