Miss Rana Moeini BSc, MEng | Ph.D. Researcher

Miss Rana Moeni

Department of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering
Marie Curie Research Fellow

Contact details

Department of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Rana is a Marie Curie research fellow and a doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham. The project she is working on is Aulous4Future, with the aim of improvement in wind energy convertors.

Rana has more than six years’ experience in research and engineering in power industry.

Her current area of research is fault detection in semi conductive components (IGBTs and MOSFETs) used in power electronic converters.

In 2013, she graduated with an MSc in embedded systems and power electronics in design of a novel switch reluctance driver in order to reduce torque ripple reduction. She also designs an efficient switch reluctance motor through finite element software (MagNet Infolytica) modelling.

Her PhD work is based on a novel condition monitoring technique for wind turbine electrical drive train systems.


  • MSc in Power Electronics and Converter Design, 2013. Azad University of Tehran
  • BSC in Electrical Engineering (Electronics), 2007. Azad University of Mashhad       


Rana graduated in 2007 with a BSc in Electrical Engineering. In the same year she started working in industry as a technical engineer at FanGenerator within technical department, R&D and quality control for more than three years.

In 2011, she started a Master’s degree in power engineering at the Azad University, Tehran. She graduated in 2013, while she was working at Pepsi as a senior electrical engineer for two years. She has then worked in a technical business company, Fazar Tajhiz, for more than one year. She has been awarded early stage research Marie Curie ITN fellow at the University of Birmingham in September 2015. As a requirement for this fellowship she is also working on a PhD in Condition monitoring systems for wind turbines at civil engineering department.


Rana helps with some of the undergraduate and MSc modules:

  • Power electronics and electric machine laboratory
  • Computer laboratory (Matlab SimPower toolbox simulink and MATLAB programming)
  • Electrical circuits and electrical machine module ,Tehran, Iran                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Postgraduate supervision

Rana supports MSc projects that are in her research area.


  • Condition monitoring algorithm of power electronic converters and IGBT used in wind turbines
  • Fault detection of electrical drive system and electric machines
  • Renewable energy, wind harvesting
  • Embedded system design
  • Design and control drive of permanent magnet generator and switched reluctance motor
  • Torque ripple reduction of switched reluctance motor
  • Switch reluctance motor design and finite element modelling

Other activities

Rana was involved in the  “IMechE Railway Challenge” as a power electronic and electrical team member in the Centre for Railway Research & Education (BCRRE), July 2016. A hydrogen fuel cell locomotive was designed for the challenge and it was awarded the novelty, reliability and energy storage prizes.

Engineering Related Experience                                                              

  • Design and optimization of induction/DC electronic machines and transformers
  • Electrical and mechanical troubleshooting of electrical machines
  • Repair and maintenance of automation systems (programmer logic control (PLC))and production lines
  • Design and construction of traction motors used in railway industry

R&D Maintenance Related Experience                                                             

  • Participation in ISO standards process

Project Management Related Experience

  • Electrical chief engineer of  production line and new  production line installation

Business Related Experience 

  • During the post I experienced financial management of contracts and overview of contactors costs.                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Communication with supplier companies                                                         
  • Manage orders and invoices and technical support
  • Participation in business tenders
  • Communication with foreign agencies for technical and sales support


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