Dr Anna Cermakova

Dr Anna Cermakova

Department of English Language and Linguistics
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I am a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow. Together with Professor Michaela Mahlberg, I work on GLARE [“Exploring Gender in Children’s Literature from a Cognitive Corpus Stylistic Perspective”], an EU-funded project which runs from September 2017 to August 2019.


  • 2008. PhD in Corpus Linguistics (Department of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics, Charles University, Prague)
  • 1998. MA in English Language and Literature & Finnish Language and Literature (Charles University, Prague)


After completing my MA studies in English and Finnish language and literature at Charles University in Prague in 1998, I became increasingly interested in corpus linguistics and I went on to do my PhD in Corpus Linguistics at the Department of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics at Charles University. I also worked as a free-lance certified legal translator and interpreter. In 2011, I joined the Institute of the Czech National Corpus at Charles University.


My main research interests are in corpus linguistics and particularly in corpus stylistics. I am currently working with Professor Michaela Mahlberg on a EU-funded project GLARE that looks at gender in children’s literature from a cognitive corpus stylistic perspective.

I am also interested in literary translation, contrastive corpus based linguistics and lexicology.

Other activities

  • I am involved in the initiative to create a new International Comparable Corpus (ICC).
  • I am also part of the wider network of the Beauty Demands project.
  • I am also involved as an Advisory Board member in the CliC Dickens project.



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  • Cermakova, A. & Koprivova, M. (forthcoming). Přístupy k výzkumu mluveného jazyka ve světě: současný stav [Approaching the spoken language: state of the art]. Slovo a slovesnost.
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Chapters in books

  • Cermakova, A. & Chlumska, L. (2017). Expressing ‘place’ in children’s literature: testing the limits of the n-gram method in contrastive linguistics. In T. Egan & H. Dirdal (Eds.), Cross-linguistic Correspondences. From lexis to genre, pp. 75-96. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Cermakova, A. (2016). Kontrastivní lingvistika, translatologie a korpusová lingvistika [Contrastive linguistics, translation studies and corpus linguistics]. In A. Cermakova, L. Chlumska & M. Mala (Eds.), Jazykové paralely, pp. 12–23. Praha: NLN.
  • Cermakova, A. & Chlumska, L. (2016). Jazyk dětské literatury: kontrastivní srovnání angličtiny a češtiny [Language of children’s literature: English and Czech contrastive study]. In A. Cermakova, L. Chlumska & M. Mala (Eds.), Jazykové paralely, pp. 162–187. Praha: NLN. 
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