Dr Lorenzo Feltrin

Dr Lorenzo Feltrin

Department of Political Science and International Studies
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

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Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS)
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Lorenzo Feltrin is Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow at the Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS) of the University of Birmingham.

His current research project focuses on the relationship between workplace-centred and community-centred mobilisations around “noxiousness” (i.e., health damage and environmental degradation), with case studies in Chile and Italy. Lorenzo received a PhD in Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick in January 2019 with a thesis titled Between the Hammer and the Anvil: The Trade Unions and the 2011 Arab Uprisings in Morocco and Tunisia. More recently, Lorenzo carried out research for the project Toxic Expertise on labour and environmental justice in the petrochemical sector.


  • Leverhulme Early Career Fellow (current), University of Birmingham, UK. 
  • PhD in Politics and International Studies (2019), University of Warwick, UK.
  • MSc in Political Sociology (2013), LSE, UK.
  • BA in Philosophy (2010), Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy.


Lorenzo Feltrin (1988) grew up in Treviso, Italy. In 2014, he began a PhD at the University of Warwick researching the Moroccan and Tunisian labour movements, and he carried out extensive fieldwork in the two countries. His work on labour studies continued after the PhD, when he joined the Toxic Expertise ERC-funded project to carry out research on petrochemical workers and environmental justice. In 2021, Lorenzo began a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at the University of Birmingham, with a research project exploring the history of labour and environmental conflicts in the industrial areas of Quintero (Chile) and Porto Marghera (Italy).


Research interests

Labour, Social Movements, Political Ecology. 

Current projects

Workers between Precarity and Ecological Crisis in Chile and Italy”, Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship.


Lorenzo Feltrin and Devi Sacchetto (2021): “The Work-Technology Nexus and Working-Class Environmentalism: Workerism versus Capitalist Noxiousness in Italy’s Long 1968”, Theory and Society. 

Lorenzo Feltrin (2020): “The Moroccan System of Labour Institutions: A Class-Based Perspective”, Third World Quarterly, 41(7): 1240-1260. 

Lorenzo Feltrin (2019): “Labour and Democracy in the Maghreb: The Moroccan and Tunisian Trade Unions in the 2011 Arab Uprisings”, Economic and Industrial Democracy, 40(1): 42-64. 

Lorenzo Feltrin (2018): “The Struggles of Precarious Youth in Tunisia: The Case of the Kerkennah Movement”, Review of African Political Economy, 45(155): 44-63.