Dr Naomi Head

Honorary Research Fellow
Institute for Conflict Cooperation and Security

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School of Social and Political Sciences
University of Glasgow

Naomi Head is a Lecturer of Politics at the University of Glasgow and an Honorary Research Fellow in Communication and Conflict at ICCS. Her research focuses on the role of communication in conflict and the relationships between legitimacy, dialogue and empathy, and political violence. The empirical focus of her research has previously been the Balkans and the dynamics of the Security Council. She is currently working on a collaborative project (with Professor Nicholas Wheeler) concerning the role of dialogue, trust and empathy in the Iranian nuclear negotiations.   She is also working on a project funded by the Adam Smith Research Foundation (Glasgow) and the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland on the dynamics of empathy in protracted conflict which focuses on Israel and Palestine.


  • International Relations Theory/Critical Theory
  • Legitimacy and Communicative Ethics
  • Humanitarian intervention and the use of force
  • Conflict transformation, mediation and non-violence
  • Empathy in conflict





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