Dr Pavlina Bobič

Department of History
CENDARI project research fellow

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My primary area of research is comparative history of the First World War and I am particularly interested in understanding people's reactions to the extremes of war. I am likewise interested in the cultural, social and political history of the late Habsburg monarchy, the intelectual history, and biographical studies.


  • DPhil, University of Oxford
  • MPhil, University of Oxford
  • BA, University of Ljubljana


I completed my undergraduate degree in theology at Ljubljana University and my MPhil in social anthropology and DPhil in modern European history at Hertford College, Oxford, under the supervision of Professor Marcus Banks and Professor Hew Strachan, respectively. After receiving DPhil in 2009, I became a research fellow at the Institute of Cultural History of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, where I worked as a member of the research group Biographies, Mentalities, Epoch, which focused especially on an interdisciplinary study of particular personalities and the histories of mentalities as well as on multifarious historical relations between the Slovenian lands and other Slavic countries. Research was conducted in close collaboration with the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a number of other distinguished European scholars. In October 2012 I joined the international EU funded CENDARI research project at the University of Birmingham.


My main research interests pertain to the First World War (with particular emphasis on the Habsburg monarchy) and political, social and cultural implications of the conflict in interwar Europe. I wrote on the Catholic Church in Slovenia during the Great War and its decisive role in creating both spiritual and political settings in which the problems of war could be appropriately interpreted, while showing the politically significant traditional concepts that permeated the people’s understanding of patriotism, honour and sacrifice.

My work also includes biographical studies of selected personalities who left a significant imprint on the military and Church history of Slovenians. Currently I am undertaking research related to CENDARI project, but I am also interested in analysing the contesting relation(s) between the Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim communities and perspectives in the wartime Habsburg empire and the manners in which they were exploited as vehicles for the state propaganda.



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