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Dr Miriam Müller

Department of History
Lecturer in Medieval History

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Arts Building
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University of Birmingham
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I am a Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Birmingham with an interest in social and economic history of the high and later medieval period. My research to date has mainly focused on rural England, but my next research topic will concern itself with German rural society. My teaching has been focused on High and Later Medieval Europe.


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2016
  • Fellow of the Royal Historical Society 2012
  • PhD in Medieval History, University of Birmingham  2001
  • MPhil in Medieval History, University of Cambridge 1998
  • BA (Hons) in History, University of Sussex, 1997


I completed my BA Degree in History at the University of Sussex in the School of Cultural and Community Studies. The emphasis on interdisciplinary and comparative methods alongside social history there has influenced my research ever since.

I left Sussex after completion of my BA Degree, in order to gain a postgraduate qualification in medieval history at the University Cambridge. Here I completed an MPhil degree in late medieval history.

I then moved to the University of Birmingham where I wrote my doctoral thesis of a comparative study of two peasant communities in later medieval England, supervised by Professor C. Dyer. I completed my PhD thesis in 2001. I have taught in the Department of Medieval History in the School of History and Cultures at the University of Birmingham ever since.


Undergraduate and Postgraduate:

  • Living in the Middle Ages
  • Practicing History B
  • Group Research ‘Medievalism in Culture and Politics’
  • Second Year Option ‘Childhood and Adolescence in Medieval Europe’
  • Second Year Option ‘Women and Gender in Medieval Europe’
  • Advanced Option, ‘The Black Death in Medieval Europe’
  • Special Subject, Village Life in Medieval England

Postgraduate supervision

Current research students

  • Grace Owen, Manorial Officials (co –supervised with Dr Richard Goddard, University of Nottingham)

  • Janine Bryant, Bitten by Pigs, Daily Life in Coroner’s Rolls

  • Lindsey Whitehurst, Represenation of Medieval Battle in Film and TV

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Research interests

My research interests range across a wide variety of topics related to daily life in rural communities. I have published on topics ranging from the rural land market to peasant diets, gender, the position of peasant women, as well as popular protest. My most recent publication is a book on rural childhood in medieval England.

Current projects

My current project is the completion of a book on a coastal, semi urban and rural manor in Norfolk. ‘Living by the sea’.

My plan is to follow this with a study on the peasant societies of marshland Stedingen in northern Germany, who were suppressed by means of a crusade.

Other activities



  • M. Müller, Childhood, Orphans and Underage Heirs in Medieval Rural England; Growing up in the Village, (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019) 

Under Contract:

  • M. Muller, Living by the Sea; to be published by the University of Hertfordshire Press.

Edited Books

  • Goddard, R., Langdon, J. and M. Müller eds., Survival and Discord in Medieval Society Essays in Honour of Christopher Dyer, Brepols 2010.
  • Isabel Davies, Miriam Müller, and S. Rees Jones eds., Marriage, Love and Family Ties in the Middle Ages, (Series Title: International Medieval Research, Brepols Publishers, 2003).

Under Contract:

  • Commissioned by Routledge to edit the multi – authored volume of the Routledge History Handbook of Medieval Rural Life, contracted to be submitted  to Routledge in 2019.

Articles and Chapters:

  • Miriam Müller, ‘Gender in theory and practice: Female status, economic differentiation and an historian's expectations’. Cahiers électroniques d’histoire textuelle du LAMOP (CEHTL, no. 8, 2015) 
  • Miriam Muller, ‘Communal Structures, Lordship and Peasant Agency in Later Medieval England; some Comparative Observations’ in: Frederic Aparisi ed.,  Beyond Lords and Peasants: Rural Elites and Economic Differentiation in Pre-Modern Europe (Valencia University Press in 2014)
  • Miriam Muller, 'Peasant Women, Agency and Status in Mid -Thirteenth to Late Fourteenth - Century England: Some Reconsiderations' in: C. Beattie and M. F. Stevens eds., Married Women and the Law in Premodern Northwest Europe (Boydell and Brewer, 2013) pp. 91- 113.
  • Miriam Muller, 'Arson, Communities, and Social Conflict in Later Medieval England', in: Viator Medieval and Renaissance Studies, (2012) vol. 43, No. 2, pp. 193-208.
  • Miriam Muller, ‘Conflict and Revolt: The Bishop of Ely and his Peasants at the Manor of Brandon in Suffolk, c. 1300-1381’in: Rural History, Vol. 23, 1 (2012) pp. 1-19.
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  • Miriam Müller, ‘Peasants, Lords and Developments in Leasing in Later Medieval England’, in: B. van Bavel and P. Schofield, eds., Emergence and Early Development of lease holding in the European Countryside during the Middle Ages, (CORN series, vol. 10., Brepols, December 2008). 
  • Miriam Muller, 'A Divided Class? Peasants and Peasant Communities in Later Medieval England', in: C. Dyer, P. Coss and c. Wickham eds., Rodney Hilton's Middle Ages: An Exploration of Historical Themes (Past and Present Supplement 2, 2007) pp.115-131   
  • Miriam Müller, ‘Seigniorial control and the peasant land-market in the 14th century: a comparative approach.’ In: L. Feller and C. Wickham eds., Le Marché de la Terre au Moyen Âge, Collection de L’École Française De Rome -350, 2005, pp. 297-313.
  • Miriam Müller, ‘Social Control and the Hue and Cry in two Fourteenth Century Villages’, in:  Journal of Medieval History, 31, 2005, pp. 29-53 .
  • Miriam Müller, 'Conflict, Strife and Cooperation; Aspects of the Late Medieval Family and Household', in: I. Davies & M. Müller and S. Rees Jones eds., Marriage, Love and Family Ties in the Middle Ages, (Series Title: International Medieval Research, Brepols Publishers, 2003)
  • Miriam Müller, 'The Aims and Organisation of a Peasant Revolt in Early Fourteenth-Century Wiltshire', in Rural History, 14, 1, 2003; pp. 1-20.
  • Miriam Müller and Christopher Dyer, 'Archaeological and documentary research on Badbury, Wiltshire' in: Medieval Settlement Research Group; Annual Report, no. 14, 1999; pp. 34-36.
  • Miriam Müller; 'The function and evasion of marriage fines on a fourteenth-century English manor' in: Continuity and Change, 14 (2), 1999; pp. 169-190.

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Later medieval English social and economic history, and in particular the history of the English peasantry (ca. 1200-1500); peasant revolts, esp. 1381, and small scale peasant unrest in individual manors and villages; medieval peasant communities and their internal dynamics, including conflict, kinship networks and communal policing;  history of gender in the medieval village, and the position and status of peasant women.

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