Dr Saima Nasar

Dr Saima Nasar

Department of History
Teaching Fellow in the History of Race and Culture in Twentieth Century Britain and America

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University of Birmingham:

  • PhD, History
  • MA, Contemporary History, Distinction
  • BA (Hons), History and Social Science, Class 1


As well as supervising undergraduate dissertations, I teach the following modules:

  • People of the Aftermath: British Culture in the 1920s and 1930s (Special Subject)
  • The Foundations of the African American Experience since 1776
  • The African American Experience Since 1945
  • Multicultural Britain
  • History in Public


I am a social and cultural historian who works on race, empire and Britain’s diasporic communities. Committed to multi-archival and interdisciplinary research, my previous and future work contributes to developing comparative and interdisciplinary approaches in the fields of Modern British History, Migration Studies, and Imperial History. My first book will examine the transnational trajectories of Britain’s East African Asian population. My future research focuses welfare imperialism.



  • S. Nasar, ‘The Indian Voice: connecting self-representation and identity formulation in diaspora’, History in Africa (Volume 40, Issue 01, October 2013), pp. 99-124.