Clelia Boscolo BA

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Department of Modern Languages
Lecturer in Italian language and Translation Studies
Language Courses Co-ordinator

Contact details

Ashley Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I studied Combined Honours Italian and Russian at Birmingham University, graduating in July 1989. I have been teaching Italian as a foreign language at all levels since 1981 and have worked in the Department of Italian Studies since September 1989.


BA(Hons) in Modern Languages (Russian & Italian), July 1989, University of Birmingham.


I was born in Turin, Italy and moved to the UK in October 1981. Since then, I have worked in a variety of contexts (as language teacher, examiner, consultant, interpreter, translator, author, editor, proof-reader, etc.) both locally and in other parts of the UK and the USA.



I teach language courses, translation studies at undergraduate and postgraduate level and language-teaching methodology at postgraduate level. I am the Module Convenor of all compulsory and optional language and translation modules at Undergraduate level and of the Practical and Specialised Translation (Italian) at Master’s level; I am responsible for the coordination of all language courses and for the training of part-time teachers and PTAs. I have over the years served as  the Departmental Examinations Officer, Timetable Officer, Undergraduate Welfare Tutor and Staff Representative on the Staff-Students Consultative Committee. I have also been Programme Lead for the MA in Translation Studies (Campus) and am the Chair of the School’s Extenuating Circumstances panel.

I received University awards in recognition of ‘the quality of contribution to the teaching and co-ordination of Italian’ in 1994, 1995, 1999, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013.

Since December 2005, I have designed, organised and taught (with others, whom I recruited) seven 4-week-courses for groups of 20 final year students of Translation and Interpreting from the Italian University of Messina. I am interested in pursuing further projects of this kind with Italian universities requiring compulsory courses abroad for their students.

Postgraduate supervision

I am happy to supervise students on language teaching pedagogy, translation studies and e-learning up to Doctoral level. I am currently supervising the Doctoral Research of Giulia Covarino (F/T) and Lorena Gavazzoni (P/T).


My interests are in the teaching and learning of Italian as a foreign language, in translation studies, in e-learning and in the Linguistic interference between Italian and English.

Research funding obtained

In 2002 I was awarded a £22,000 Learning Development Grant to lead a project to develop a languages 'Portal' to provide a learning support interface and access to online resources for students of languages within the University. In this project, I led a team of four people. The project was successfully completed by the deadline.

In December 2005, I was awarded a £30,000 Learning Development Grant to develop material to integrate the use of the new digital laboratories with web-based resources and WebCT and to create the Departmental WebCT Section, which I continue to maintain.

An application for a further £8,000 to allow me to purchase a voice tools software package to run a pilot project to insert a voice tool into the WebCT section was approved in October 2007. I started working on this project in November 2007 and completed the project by the deadline. In March 2008 I was invited to present my project at the First Wimba World Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Other activities

October 2009 - September 2014 - External examiner for Italian for Regent’s College, London

August 2007 - November 2012 - Marker for PG Cert  (Mini-portfolio and Project), APOD, University of Birmingham. I continue to mentor junior colleagues working towards this certificate

Since March 2007  - EDEXCEL. Principal Examiner for AS level Unit 1

September 2003 - July 2007 - External examiner for the Centre for Language Study and for New College Courses of the University of Southampton

I have worked as a language consultant, translator, proof-reader, reviewer and interpreter since 1982 and have experience in the following areas: Academic, Commercial, Scientific, Medical, Technical and Legal.



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