Dr Luke R. A. Butler

Dr Luke R. A. Butler

Birmingham Law School
Senior Lecturer in Law

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Birmingham Law School
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Luke R.A. Butler is a commercial lawyer with a general research interest in all aspects of law, policy and theory relating to government contracts and government commerce. Luke is best known for his research on regulation in complex industries, in particular, but not exclusively, the defence sector. At Birmingham, Luke teaches an unusually diverse range of subjects both in his areas of research interest and in those with a general commercial law focus.


  • LLB Hons (First Class)
  • LLM (Distinction)
  • PhD
  • Pg.Dip. Professional Legal Skills
  • Barrister (Middle Temple)
  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy


Luke is a commercial lawyer with general research expertise in the field of government commerce. His principal research focus concerns government contracting in complex industry sectors. He is Assistant Editor of the Public Procurement Law Review and a member of the Procurement Lawyers Association and regularly presents his research at national and international conferences and seminars. Luke particularly values the importance of engaging practice and provides expert consultancy and training to practitioners. An experienced tutor, Luke has also spent over a decade teaching private law subjects at leading UK Law Schools (most recently Bristol) as well as specialist programmes at other universities.


  • Equity and Trusts LLB Undergraduate (Module Leader)
  • Equity and Trusts LLB Graduates (Module Leader)
  • Commercial Law
  • Contract Law
  • Law in Action
  • Legal Communication and Writing

Postgraduate supervision

Luke is interested in supervising doctoral students on all aspects of government commerce and government contracting.
Current PhD supervision:
• Emily Carroll – Retail leases
• Yasser Mahmood – The Common Security and Defence Policy

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The overarching theme of Luke’s research concerns the phenomenon of “government by contract”. Luke is interested in the regulatory infrastructure supporting the institutions which buy and sell goods, works and services, industries which supply to the government, and the institutions which oversee them. Major aspects of Luke’s research concern the regulatory strategies used to facilitate government contracting (statute, contract, and policy) and the rules which regulate the award and management of contracts.

Other activities

  • UG Year Tutor: Final Year
  • LLB Dissertation Coordinator


Regulating Defence Acquisition in the UK: Single Source Defence Procurement (Hart) (forthcoming)

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Written Evidence to the Transport Committee Intercity East Coast Rail Franchise Inquiry, Ref. ECR0017

Written Submission to the Single Source Regulations Office: Response to a Call for Input on the SSRO’s review of the Single Source Contract Regulations (November 2016)

Blog: ‘Allowable Costs under the Single Source Contract Rules: Costs for work undertaken at risk before entering into a defence contract’ (University of Bristol Law School)

Blog: ‘Keeping Procurement on the Rails: A Legal Perspective on UK Passenger Rail Franchising’ (University of Bristol Law School)

Blog: ‘Singling Out Defence Procurement: Contract Pricing under the Single Source Contract Regulations’ (University of Bristol Law School)

Blog: ‘Legal implications of Brexit on UK Defence Procurement’ (University of Bristol Law School)

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Government contracts and Government commerce (procurement)

Regulation in complex industries, in particular, but not exclusively, the defence sector