Daniella Lock

Daniella Lock

Birmingham Law School
Research Fellow

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Birmingham Law School
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Daniella Lock is a Research Fellow at the COVID-19 Review Observatory (CVRO), based at Birmingham University. CVRO tracks and assesses reviews of the government response to the COVID-19 pandemic from a human rights perspective.

She is also a Teaching Fellow and doctoral student at the Faculty of Laws, University College London (UCL). Her PhD is on national security and human rights. She teaches public law and legal philosophy at UCL.


  • BSc, Philosophy and Politics (LSE)
  • GDL (BPP)
  • LLM (UCL)


Alongside her academic work, Daniella has worked as a political consultant and at legal NGO JUSTICE. She has an LLM from UCL and a BSc in Philosophy and Politics from the LSE.


In addition to teaching public law and jurisprudence, Daniella Lock taught a number of different topics on the 'Aspects of National Security Law' LLM Module at UCL. She has also delivered guest lectures and seminars on surveillance law for LLM Courses at Cambridge University and Queen Mary's School of Law.


Daniella Lock’s PhD specifically examines executive accountability and human rights in the national security law context. She is interested in the attempt by European human rights law to prevent governments from abusing both national security and emergency powers, as means to preserve democracy in Europe and prevent the spread of authoritarianism. As part of this interest she is examining the means by which human rights law has developed to enable governments to evade accountability.


Human rights, constitutional law, legal philosophy, surveillance, public law, political theory.