Dr Mircea Scrob

Dr Mircea Scrob

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences

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Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences Hub
ERI Building
University of Birmingham
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I joined the LANS team in September 2017 to contribute to the modules Learning Entrepreneurial Skills and Entrepreneurial Start-up (LH optional modules). My research and teaching interests are in the areas of Food Studies, Mixed Research Methods, Economic History of Modern Eastern Europe, and History of Nutritional Science in the 20th Century. Feel free to stop by my office to discuss any topics in these areas or in History more generally. 


  • BA - Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania (2008)
  • MA - Central European University, Hungary (2009)
  • PhD - Central European University, Hungary (2015)


Before joining LANS, I have been a postdoctoral researcher at New Europe College - Institute for Advanced Study, Romania, working on a research project on developments in consumption practices in the Romanian countryside during Communism. In terms of teaching activities, I have been a visiting lecturer at the History Department of Central European University (2015) and at the Doctoral School of the University of Bucharest (2016) with the module Critical Issues in Food Studies (20th and 21st Centuries). This module explored the multiple ramifications of our food choices, in terms of environmental impact, health effects, social justice and ethical concerns, as well as the manner in which knowledge on these topics has been produced and contested by researchers from the various disciplines of Food Studies during the past century. 


  • Learning Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Entrepreneurial Start-up

  • Research Methods Made Easy


- the dynamics of dietary changes, with a special interest on traditional populations undergoing the nutritional transition

- developments in consumption practices in the Romanian countryside during Communism, especially developments in diets, housing and clothing

- changes in methodological paradigms in nutritional sciences

- Entrepreneurial education, especially on framing the educational offerings in the most effective way


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