Dr Junying Jia

Dr Junying Jia

Medical and Dental Sciences
International Project Officer

Contact details

Research & Knowledge Transfer Office
HSRC building , Room G06b
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

  • Junying Jia is an International Project Office in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences to provide advice, expertise and support to academics and administrative colleagues on international partnering activities.
  • Junying Jia is developing and maintaining key relationships and identifying development opportunities for the college in key markets within the designated regions.
  • Junying Jia is supporting the Head of College, Directors of R&KT and Education and identified academic leads to establish and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with international colleagues.
  • Junying Jia is the key contact point within College for the international activities.


  • PhD in Immunology, University of Wolverhampton 2006
  • M.Phil in Pathology, Medical College of Inner Mongolia, China, 1999   
  • MBChB (Hons) Medical College of Inner Mongolia, China, 1988


Dr Junying Jia got her MBChB with an honorary degree in 1988 in Inner Mongolia Medical College, and then trained at its 1st Attached Hospital as a physician. From 1994 she worked at the same hospital specialising in pulmonary disease. During that period, she got her Master Degree in Pathology in Inner Mongolia Medical College and spent one year in Beijing Peking Union Hospital for further training.

In 2000, she got a scholarship from the Chinese Educational Council for training abroad, so Junying Jia came to Department of Pathology, School of Cancer Sciences, University of Birmingham at the end of 2000 as a visiting scholar. After one successful year at Professor Murray’s lab with two publications, she became interested in science.

In order to pursue her research career, she came back to England at the end of 2002 and got her PhD degree in 2006 in Immunology, supervised by Dr Paul Nelson (University of Wolverhampton), Professor Paul Murray and Professor Lawrence Young. Junying Jia then worked as a research fellow at Professor Lawrence Young’s lab and Dr Jo Morris’ lab for five and half years before moving to current position as an International Project Officer at the Research and Knowledge Transfer Office in MDS. Junying Jia is ready to face new challenges and continue to offer her service to research with her both clinical and research experience in the scope of international engagement.